The Word of the Day is Proud…

The word of the day is Proud…

Another Daily Post idea, again I am a day late on this one but I wanted to go a step further and talk about someone that I am proud of, versus just their question of the last time someone said they were proud of me.

The last few years have seen a lot of changes in my life. I try every week to get better at this fatherhood thing, and everyday my son teaches me just how much I do not know about being a father. We have our good days and I have my bad days where I am sure I come across harsher than I really mean to. I also finally published my “life’s work”. I know my grandmother is watching out for me from the other side of life and is proud of me for finally accomplishing that dream. I have been rather successful this year so far with controlling my temper. I think it has been off putting for my wife as I know there have been times where she has expected me to blow up, and I didn’t. I would have to say that I am proud of myself for this.

The last week has seen a major change in my household with regards to my son. When I was growing up, my little brothers and I had specific chores that we did. We made our beds (most of the time), washed the dishes by hand (we didn’t have a mechanical dishwasher back then), as well as vacuum and dust the house. We also helped fold and put away laundry before graduating to running the machines ourselves. In return we got that treat that I am sure a lot of people relate to, an allowance.

My son, who is ten this past October, has entered the world of allowance earners. I think it will be good for him once he adjusts to the routine a little more. My wife and I started simple. Mostly things he does already, but giving him an incentive to do them without being asked multiple times. He is to make his bed, feed and water the dogs, empty the dishwasher when needed, clean/vacuum his room at least once a week. The goal is that he will learn the responsibility of working for what he wants, which generally revolves around some new video game or Lego set.

This past week was Week 1. Based on the Lego Set he has his eye on, he needs at least 6 more weeks in order to earn the money he needs. He is after one of the more expensive kits. We had a few bumps in the road, but all in all, I am extremely proud of the progress he made. When I get home from my day job today, I get to sit down with him and give him his first allowance. It is one of those moments in fatherhood that I am excited to experience. Here is to hoping he keeps it up the rest of his life and learns the value of a hard earned dollar.


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