List of My Published Works


Family Heritage Book 1


High school is hard enough on its own, but Mike Keller is facing something much worse. His headaches take a strange turn one Saturday night when he ‘sees’ an imminent car crash. Warning his friend Darrell in the nick of time, the two teens avoid a surely fatal collision. Mike’s ‘visions’ become more frequent over the next few days, bringing notoriety this wallflower preferred to avoid. The exception being his childhood friend Colleen Nicholson. Though they have drifted apart, he still nurses a huge crush on the head cheerleader.
Mike’s confusion mounts over the visions while being buried under a mountain of homework. When a bully picks a fight, something darker rears up inside of Mike’s mind. Who or what is stalking around school, spying on Mike and his classmates. Can Mike keep the Darkness at bay while courting his first love?
Love, loss, murder and psychic powers; How is Mike supposed to study for finals with all of this?

Family Heritage Book 2

Through Darkness To Light

Mike Keller can’t wait to visit his aunt and uncle for the summer. The end of the school year was rough–strange visions, losing his first love… the constant fear of the Darkness taking over. Things should smooth out if he can just get away from it all. Right?But as his birthday nears, life gets even stranger. Hearing thoughts, moving objects, and increasingly bizarre dreams drive him to distraction. The one bright spot comes when his matchmaking aunt introduces him to Laurie. Laurie’s presence is calming, an effect that seems to thwart the Darkness’s attempts to take over. It doesn’t hurt that she’s cute and sweet and definitely Mike’s type. When Mike learns about his family heritage, the forces at play in his life finally come into focus. But with everyone vying to have Mike on their team, he’ll have to decide which side he wants to be on… that is, if he can resist succumbing to the Darkness within.

Family Heritage Book 3

Reunions & Rebellions

Senior year. That special year in high school when you know the end is near and the real world beckons, teasing you with its opportunities. For Mike Keller, the real world has already crashed into his life. As he juggles his school work, the Council, and his relationship with Laurie; the last thing he needs is more on his plate. When Colleen shows up at a back-to-school party, expecting the two of them to pick up where they left off, Mike’s head is left spinning. Learning she is gifted like he is, complicates matters further as she is now a part of both halves of Mike’s life. Meanwhile, a growing contingent among the Council seek Mike and his progressive policies removed, permanently. Can Mike keep his secret world from destroying his public one?

Novellas/Short Story Collections

Haunting of
House 1273

The McKinney family is embarking on a new adventure, moving from Philadelphia to a suburb in the Midwest. Matthew is upset with his parents for dragging him from his home and friends the summer before his senior year. A decade old family secret threatens the tentative peace the trio manage to eke out in their new home. Within days all three are tortured by visions they can’t fully explain. Matthew and his mother both see a little girl holding a doll and hear strange music. David finds a creature of black stalking his every move. A strange voice seems to call to each of them, playing on their fear and reluctance to talk to each other about what they are going through.
With the help of Karen, the girl next door, Matthew tries to piece together the history of his new address. Can he save his family and end the haunting at 1273 Marigold Lane?

Publications with Other Authors

Depths Of Love :
An SFWG Antho

Through the many worlds beyond these pages, the diverse characters, and eras, one universal truth exists. Love.
The Depths of Love and the deep reaches one will go for love often know no bounds. In this anthology, love goes the distance, for a hand in marriage, for a child’s safety, for friends, and even for someone thought dead.
Come with us through these journeys across rich worlds, and flourish in the trenches of protagonists fighting and rushing into danger just for a taste of that universal truth.
This first collaboration between SciFi & Fantasy Writers Guild and Cloaked Press explores the magic that is Love.

Meteor Fall

The Collective has long kept secret the strange things that happen after a meteor shower. While the world Oohs and Aahs over the pretty streaks of light, field agents quietly gather up the people and objects changed by this cosmic phenomenon.
With a global event unlike anything the world has ever seen on the horizon, the Collective knows it’s only a matter of time before the world discovers what really happens when objects fall from the sky.
Can they continue to maintain their secrecy and protect humanity from the dangers of Meteor Fall?