Light of My LIfe – Poem

Light of my life

Shining in her beauty

With all my might

I love only she


I made her mad one day

A frown upon her face

I don’t know what to say

To brighten her face


I long to see her smiles

Smile once more on me

Walk a million and one miles

If only to see


The light of my life


Fear – a short poem


Ripping through me like a freight train
On a darkened night
Nowhere to turn
Nowhere to run
Running faster towards the mountains of my soul
Weakened by the tunnels blasted in my past
The pressure of tons of stone builds higher and higher

Then it falls…

POEM – Tired


Seeking Relief

Seeking release from this hell

Yearning to run free and careless

Wanting to be rid of this drudgery


Cool clear sunshine on my face

No more rain clouds in the way

They are gone without a trace

Time for fun time for play


Life dragging on unceasingly

Pulling me along in its swift current

Through the refuse of shattered dreams

And crushing pressure of despair


Wanting to be rid of this drudgery

Yearning to be free and careless

Seeking release from this hell

Seeking relief



Alone in the Night

A wooden bench under the darkened sky

Lit by only the stars and the moon so full

Your breath rising in little clouds of steam

From lips held silent by the beauty of the night


A little mouse skitters by, trying so hard

To remain unseen, and unheard by all

The owl hoots softly, his eyes bright yellow

He thinks to himself, invite the mouse to dinner


Perhaps the call of a wolf breaks upon your thoughts

Or the hum of a car far distant reaches your ears

But somehow the outside reaches into you deep inside

Reminding you that you are not alone in the night


The comforting glow from the moon up above

Wrapping you in the embrace of its timelessness

When you are there you can think you are alone

But others share the same starlight with you

James Michael Keller

James Michael Keller, Mike to his friends, is the main character in the series I am currently writing called “Family Heritage”. The first book, Beginnings, is available on Kindle for $2.99 at and on paperback direct through Create Space for $10.99 at

All marketing aside, I wanted to write a little about Mike’s history that is revealed in the book, but might give readers a glimpse into his life and why he is someone we all knew in high school, and maybe still to this day. He is that guy in school, maybe a little geeky but not the biggest nerd in school. Passable in most sports but clearly not one for the spotlight. We all probably borrowed his notes from time to time. He was good for stuff like that. For some of us, we may have even been him, or been one of those select best friends who knew him for the good honest soul that we knew would have our backs for life.

Mike grew up in small town USA. His family was close, even though he argued with his younger sister just like we all would have in his shoes. When his father and grandfather both pass away in a car accident when he was just eight years old, Mike is forced to grow up fast. His mother was a strong and proud woman who never let on just how much it hurt her to lose her father and husband so suddenly. As a result she threw herself into the raising of her children with a passion that sometimes borders on paranoia. As Mike nears eighteen and starts experiencing massive headaches and glimpses of the future, his mother’s paranoia gets worse. He indulges her, because he knows his mother has made sacrifices for him and his sister and he respects that. He is a good kid, just trying to make the best of a bad situation.

What Mike isn’t prepared for is the notoriety that comes with how he uses his gift. Only his best friend Darrell knows how Mike knows what he knows.  Drawing the ire of the school’s star jock is not what this wallflower wanted in his life. He also gets the notice of his childhood friend turned head cheerleader, a girl he has always had a crush on. Not all is normal teenage drama as Mike is forced to confront a growing darkness within himself that threatens to take him over. With finals looming on the horizon, Mike tries to figure out just what is happening to him.

A Beginning of my own…

So, it has never been a secret to anyone that knows me that I am a bigger. I top out at about 6 foot 5, and have weighed between 340 and 360 pretty much since high school. (That’s 15 years ago for those playing the home game.) Anyway, my wife and I are making an attempt at getting in better shape. Rather, she started and I am tagging along for moral support and it motivates me to do better as well. Three days in and my calves (is it spelled this way when you are talking about your legs? or just young bovines?). Well, either way, they are killing me. I have improved my rep count each day, which is nice. Going up and down stairs repeatedly is not as easy as it looks and I am even more impressed with Rocky Balboa’s performance. I am hoping that by talking about this, it will keep me honest and working on it. So here is to new beginnings, and may it go smoother than poor Mike’s in my novel. HAHA, shameless plug there.


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Almost 2 weeks in….

So, my book has been live on Amazon and Kindle for almost 2 weeks. I guess I never thought how hard it would be to market myself. Not that I started this project to get rich, but, let’s be real here. I would not turn down a million sales or anything like that. Twitter hashtags, Facebook pages, blogging…. I thought I was pretty tech savvy, but now I feel a little less like I know what I am doing.

I thought it would be simple, post a few links and throw some hashtags that I saw others use and the traffic would flow to here and my face book author page, generating sales and exposure. So far, I have garnered a single review on Goodreads, a 3 star rating with no comments. I even emailed the person, asking them for any sort of feedback with no response. I don’t know what to think of that but I am not discouraged. My goal was to hold a copy of a printed book in my hands with my name on it. My own little piece of literary history, albeit at this time a relatively unknown piece. That is ok in my opinion. I can look at my son and say, “If you ever have a dream, go for it. Even if it takes a decade or more or your entire life. Never give up on your dream. You can accomplish anything.”


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