Spell a Day – Jan 31st 2016

Today’s spell a day is a two-parter. The first part is that on this day in 1949, the first Soap Opera appeared on television. This leads into the second part of “washing away” negativity from your life.

Soap Operas were so dubbed because most of their sponsors in the early years were the soap/detergent companies. Because of the melodrama evident in their storylines, similar to an opera, they coined a new genre in the infancy of television.

Soap Operas are almost a thing of the past it seems as they have been replaced by endless talk shows on day time TV. I remember growing up and occasionally watching day time TV with my grandmother. This was especially true during the summer when I would come inside for lunch and she would be watching Bold and the Beautiful, Young and The Restless, Day’s of our Lives, Guiding Light. Usually she was also folding laundry, which I felt obligated to help with. During the school year I wouldn’t get to have these moments with my grandmother, but she would gladly tell me all about it when I got home from school.

It is recommended that you take a long shower today with lots of soap. Visualize the soapy lather gathering up all the “dirt” and harmful influences in your life,pulling it from your very skin. Then picture all of this negativity washing down the drain and out of your life.

Anyone have a favorite soap opera that may or may not still be on the air? Until next time Gentle Readers.


Spell a Day – Jan 30th 2016

Sleep is important to us all. If you are anything like me, you feel that you don’t get enough and sometime spend more time sleeping then you should because you have things to accomplish. I think the important part of sleeping is to get quality sleep, not necessarily quantity sleep. Personally, I have nights where I sleep barely 4 hours and feel fantastic. Other nights I can barely drag myself out of bed after 6 or 8. I have mentioned before how my wife hates that I can fall asleep so quickly.

I think part of it has to do with one’s mindset when you go to sleep. I find that the nights that I cannot put to rest the work and worry of the day, or the next day, then I toss and turn and sleep very poorly. If I can clear my mind and find some peace in sleep, I am rewarded with vivid dreams (Some waiting to be spun into short stories/novellas, or even full length Novels or series of novels). As the cliche goes, one must find your happy place before sleeping, in my humble opinion.

I encourage all of you, my Gentle Readers, to find someway to get the quality sleep required to keep your minds in top form. Share anything you like in the comments. Tips, tricks, funny anecdotes and stories. I look forward to reading them.

Spell a Day – Jan 29th 2016

Protection. Feeling secure. Reflecting negativity. Today’s spell a day is about exactly this. Shielding ourselves from that which we do not want in our life. Negative forces that want to bring us down.

I have always been drawn to black onyx, which is traditionally a protection stone or a stone to ward off harm/negativity. When I was younger I had a piece of onyx that was shaped like a small obelisk that I wore for years. I would hang it on my bed post while I slept. It may sound crazy to some, but I could tell the days that I forgot it. The day always seemed full of mishaps and misunderstandings, frustrations and failures. I felt out of sorts without it during those early teenage years. I had bought it at this little shop in the mall of my hometown. One day it was gone and I couldn’t find it no matter how hard I searched. A few years later I was going through a difficult period in my life and I found it in an old box of random stuff. It seemed like the stone knew I needed a little boost and it returned to provide it. Sadly I have lost that stone again. Since I have had another necklace with a piece of onyx in it that I wore almost religiously for years. Due to the pentacle and crescent moon on the new pendant it became a symbol of my break with most other organized religions and started a lot of the comments regarding my status a s pagan or Wiccan by coworkers and friends. Initially I just felt it was neat and I wore it because of that.

Whether one believes in talismans or not, there seems to be a relationship between the importance one places on an object and your attitude about the world when you have it. Friends of mine who are devoutly Christian feel the same sense of loss and insecurity when they are without their cross as I used to without my onyx pendant.

Belief can be as powerful a tool as the supposed magical properties the tool is supposed to possess. What kind of symbol or talisman is important to you?

Spell a Day – Jan 28th 2016


So, I did a bit of reading and reviewing instead of keeping up with my Spell a Day my Gentle Readers, and I apologize. I hope you will check out the reviews I have posted and will be posting in the next day or so. Today’s topic regards money. Now, the Spell a Day has to do with redefining your relationship with money in order to bring abundance and prosperity. I went in a different direction with my poem this time. I hope you enjoy.

Money = Evil?
Some believe Money
Is the rot of all Evil
But why is this so?

Should we place blame
On inanimate currency
For man’s failings
And passions run amok?

Where is our moral compass
Why is it acceptable to dodge
What we responsibility we have
Because of want of money
Who thought this through?
How have we reached this point
When we can justify genocide
Because of want of money

Gold coins and jewels
Exchanged for dollars and pounds
Classic bait and switch

How does Money feel?
Being blamed for war and death
Throughout history

Book Review – Stone Cold Killer

Stone Cold Killer (Gargoyle Gumshoe Book 1)
By Janene Scott
5 Stars

Janene Scott creates this world where all the things that go bump in the night are not only real, but citizens of the world. That’s right Gentle Readers. Vampires and shifters, dryads and demons. Not to mention Demetria Stone, a Gargoyle with a badge as part of the Brute Squad (lovely nickname for the Mirror Folk Police Department).

Demetria is on the trail of some mysterious murders/disappearances involving humans and Mirrorfolk alike. What she doesn’t know is just how far she will have to go to solve this case. When the perp decides it is time to eliminate the investigating officer, Ms. Stone is in a race for her life.

If you have any interest in a more traditional take on all those monsters (as opposed to sparkly vampires and love sick werewolves) then I recommend you pick this one up. I was surprised how quickly I finished this one as it was a very comfortable read despite its near 300 pages. I guess I was under some witch’s spell and couldn’t put it down.

Amazon Link

Spell a Day – Jan 27th 2016

For those of you who do not own/drive a car, this post might be a little boring to you. I apologize upfront. Today’s spell is about fashioning a protection spell around your vehicle by hanging a charm from your rearview mirror. I have seen many things on those mirrors in my life. When I was younger my friends always had the tassel from graduation with their year on it. People have hung crosses or dog tags for as long as I can remember.

A buddy of mine and I used to go to a particular bar on Saturday nights during our more carefree early 20s. This bar always had little oddball shots in a plastic test tube that one of our favorite bartenders would bring around during the course of the night. If you bought a shot, you got a strand of Mardi Gras style beads. Cheap plastic but the point was that you bought a shot. It also singled you out for the bartender to find you with the next round. My friend and I ended up hanging so many on my rearview mirror (we alternated who had to be the sober one each week so we always had a designated driver).

Lately I had a small wooden coin shaped medallion I got for completing a “quest” at a Renaissance Faire hanging from mine. When we bought our most recent vehicle, I didn’t transfer it and the medallion now hangs by my desktop computer. When we have an adventure worthy of commemorating, the mirror will receive its next dressing up.

So, for my driving readers, what do you have hanging from your rearview mirror. Share in the comments. Until next time Gentle Readers, just keep writing.

Spell a Day – Jan 26th 2016

Tuesday. One of my favorite days of the week Gentle Readers. This is because, unlike most people who work Monday through Friday. Tuesday is MY Friday. Depending on which week it is in my rotation, it is either a 2 day Friday (and I work the weekend beginning Friday morning) or it is a 5 Day Friday, granting me no work obligations until the following Monday. Pretty sweet deal for only giving up every other weekend.

Tuesday is also a day held to be sacred to Mars. Today’s topic focuses in on one of Mars’ traits, Courage. Courage can be shown in a lot of different ways. To some, the epitome of courage is our military service men and women. I am not going to argue that point. My little brother served two tours overseas in the early to mid 2000s. My grandfather was a marine in WWII and served in the Pacific theater. Nothing should ever be taken from the courage these people show. It is deplorable that our nation treats lazy baby factory welfare moms and illegals with anchor babies better than our military veterans. Before you get all up in arms about that last sentence, think about it a little. We have all probably met/seen those people who just like to bleed the system. I am not talking about single moms who are trying to make ends meet getting a little boost. I am talking about the ones popping kids out every few years to get a bigger check so they can keep themselves in nail appointments and fancy electronics. The freeloaders. Anyway, I digress.

Courage can also be found in small ways. Stand up for yourself and chase your dreams, no matter how big or small. It took me over a decade to try and share my writing with the world, and I am still not quite happy with it so I am going to be revising/editing again. To all the aspiring writers, poets and geeks out there, Don’t Give Up on your dream. Learn your chosen craft and show the world that you have value. Sure, there are going to be naysayers, but do you think any of the greats do not have moments of doubt? Even J.K. Rowling was rejected a couple dozen times. Now look at her. Dr. Seuss faced similar rejection. I grew up learning to read using his books. If he had given up, and not shown the courage to pursue his dreams, I don’t know what I would have learned to read while sitting with my grandfather.

Find your courage today Gentle Readers and chase your dreams. Until next time, just keep writing.

Spell a Day – Jan 25th 2016

Well, Gentle Readers, I am a little disappointed in today’s topic because it isn’t much different than yesterday’s. Apparently we are going to do things in pairs. However, today’s focus is on removing negativity using sound. I don’t know about all of you but I am addicted to my music, most of it from a previous decade, and some from before I was even born. Good music is timeless and has no age requirement to enjoy it.

My cell phone is packed with about 14 hours worth of music so that I can start it first thing in the morning and make it to work, through work, and all the way home without having to hear the same song twice. My coworkers have become accustomed to me strolling through the office with one ear bud looped in, the other hanging loose so I can grab the desk phone when needed.

Music is also a must when I am writing. I cannot count the number of times the right song has inspired something in me. It could be a difficult scene, or a poem. It helps to have my mind focused partially on the music, drowning out the distractions so I can focus on writing.

How has music helped and inspired you? Share in the comments and let’s get some discussion going. Until next time Gentle Readers.

Spell a Day – Jan 24th 2016

Time to cut ties with what didn’t work in the past Gentle Readers.
Clipart Courtesy of Worldartsme.com

That’s right, out with the old to make room for the new. We all have experienced that “toxic” friendship, relationship, or perhaps even relative that we would all be better off just cutting ties with. I had to do this with my biological father after repeated attempts to form some sort of relationship with him. He is just a narcissistic sociopath who needs people to feed his ego in order to feel validated. If you question or poke holes in his belief that he is the greatest thing that will ever happen in your life, then you become the bad guy to anyone he can get to listen. Sadly for him, he has lost almost all credibility among the family members I still have contact with. We have all grown tired of his nonsense.

So today I hope you will take some time to evaluate the people or habits you spend your energy on and examine whether or not you are getting a proper return on that energy investment. I am not saying to give up on anyone that needs help. I am just saying to identify that bad ribbon that is pulling you down, and snip it.

Let go the Toxic
Poisonous, Toxic
Dragging you down, sapping up
All your energy

Don’t let fear stay your hand
From removing the poison from your life
For your sake take a stand
And in your first grasp the knife

To make yourself free
From the lies and deceptions
Of the toxic ones

You don’t have to give them your time
Once you free yourself you will see
You don’t owe them a single dime
Stronger for it you will be

Take control, move on
Send them with your best wishes
Let go the Toxic

Spell a Day – Jan 23rd 2016


Anyone familiar with magick and spellcraft knows the emphasis and power placed on the cycles of the moon. The full moon being a very powerful time. Energy is supposed to be flowing in abundance on this night. If you are a werewolf then this is your night to shine as well. Just don’t try to eat anyone in my family. The really fat rabbit that lives in my yard, or the deer that travel through from time to time are fair game. I wish you luck in your hunting.

Tonight, bundle up (if you are in a cold climate like me) and go outside to enjoy the beauty and majesty that is the moon in all of her glory. I don’t think my view is going to be as spectacular as the picture above, but we do still have some snow on the ground to catch and reflect the moonlight. Bask in the light and feel its energy wrap itself in your soul, fueling you for whatever goals you have this next month. Me, I am hoping to finally start making headway on my writing projects. I have always been more of a nightowl growing up. This daywalker stuff is for the birds.

Until next time Gentle readers. and hey, look, I am caught up on my spell a day. Because of this I plan to start getting these posted in the morning and only doing one a day. Don’t worry, I hope to get some other content up for you all to enjoy soon.