Cleaner Place (More inspiration from my Raisin box)

So, the motivational quote of the day from my box of raisin’s was “Leave a place cleaner than you found it…”


Obviously there is the literal meaning of picking up after yourself, but let’s think outside the box for a moment. (I hope you were paying attention and caught the pun there, because it makes me chuckle.) The question to ask oneself is: Are we leaving the world a better place than we found it? Maybe we don’t go as far as the world, just maybe your neighborhood and local environs. That is something we can all tackle right? Sure there are the clichés like “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. But we don’t have to be talking about trash. Did you help someone today? Did you open your heart to the outside and do something to feel good about today? Maybe you picked up the paper for an elderly neighbor and at least dropped it on their porch while you were walking the dog this morning. You could shovel or salt a walkway while you are out doing your own. For Mother Nature’s sake we have certainly gotten plenty of snow/ice where I live. Did you even just say Hello to that neighbor you see every morning but never talk to. You never know when recognition that someone exists is exactly what they need to get through a difficult time.


Never Know…

A kind word or just a Hello
Can have an impact you never know
To someone feeling lost and alone
That brief moment
Can tell them
Someone sees me
Someone noticed

With busy lives and hectic days
Sometimes we forget to smell the roses
Mind cluttered and brain in a haze
We don’t see
What Hello can mean
To those alone
Needing contact

So take the time to say Hello
To that person you pass everyday
It could be just what they needed
To get through a difficult time alone
When they wait to hear someone say
I see you, your presence is heeded


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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