Writing 201: Fog, Elegy, Metaphor

Well, I started off with a desire to use all three again from today’s assignment. Somehow, once I started writing, the fog was lifted from my mind and disappeared into who knows where. However, I discovered that a previous style crept back in like a rolling fog across the moors (ok, was that cliche enough?) Anyway, Here is what I came up with. I suppose when the fog clouds my perceptions again, I will be able to more clearly stay on prompt. (oh wait, I found the fog, just not where I expected to when I started writing.)

That morning was a cold grave
Oh the sun shined and birds sang
Their voices drummed on my ears
All that once made bright
Lost in the dark of night
Looking for that glimmer of hope
Yet is is nowhere to be found
Cursing the path fate wove
Rushing headlong with misted glasses
Understanding escaping like tears from my eyes
She’s gone forever
Her smile concrete on her face
Exactly as in life
Death mocks me

The idea of an elegy made me think about my grandmother who I lost a few years ago. Her birthday was Valentines day, (hence the previous post Bittersweet Valentine’s Day).  Seems I come back to that event over and over. I think i have a half dozen poems not posted on here that in someway relate to her.  Sorry for getting sentimental on you there readers. Hope you enjoy. And 10 points to the person who finds the previous style that ended up getting reused. 🙂


Writing 201: Journey, Limerick, Alliteration

A journey can be many things. Sometimes a journey of the mind can be as dangerous as facing a raging river rapids. Haha, See what I did there, just a bit of alliteration to whet your appetite. The greatest journey of all, is Life.

River running round the bend
Where of where does it end
Flowing so fast
The trees fly past
Into a blur they do blend

Fingers flit from tiller to oar
Is this it, No there is much more
This journey of sorts
Shaking in my shorts
The water chills me to my core

Time the enemy
Pushes us all as it likes
No mercy at all

Live, Love, Laugh like no ones looking
Watch the direction your life is going
Seize the day
In every way
So there’s no regrets on your last morning