Spell a Day – Feb 24th 2016

Money, my Gentle Readers is the topic for discussion this time. It is abundantly clear as I stare down the next two months until my second child is born, that I clearly do not make enough money for all of my wants and desires. So we have to start with the Needs and work our way down the list.

To this effort I have obtained an Amazon Fire Stick in order to hopefully eliminate my satellite bill. Anyone who has cable/satellite is familiar with how it just seems to keep going up. We will see how my “cutting the cord” experience goes. I have read some blogs of those who have done it and it seems doable.

As for a spell to bring you money, honestly I liken them to those Facebook posts that say, “Like/Share after commenting Amen and Jesus will send you a basket of money”. Sorry Folks, doesn’t work that way. I am not entirely sure magick works that way either, but it doesn’t stop people from writing rituals and spells, selling charms and potions, that are supposed to bring the user wealth. I think the only way to obtain wealth is to work hard, and perhaps be at the right place at the right time. Developing a positive outlook and keeping one’s eyes open for opportunity is a good practice to develop.

Oh, and if you like and share this post after commenting “Money” a stack of cash will show up on your doorstep.


Spell a Day – Jan 19th 2016


Just read on Gentle Readers,the iceberg’s existence will become clearer.

Today’s spell a day is all about releasing some sort of problem or negative influence from your life, in a spectacularly violent way. First you should write whatever it is you want to remove from your life on a piece of paper with a blue ink pen. Place the piece of paper in a freezer bag and fill with enough water to cover the paper. Freeze the bag.

This is where the fun begins. You are supposed to smash the frozen bag with a rolling pin or a hammer to break up the ice. Then you let it melt. Then you are supposed to pour the water/paper mixture out onto the ground or a compost pile. You can bury the paper if you wish. As you walk away from it, picture your problem going away.

I have to thank James Kambos for this one. Here is a link to his Author Page on Llewellyn.

This sounds like a great way to get rid of some frustrations doesn’t it? Anyone care to share what they would put on their piece of paper?