Why do you taunt us Mother Nature? (Poem and Pictures)

So, after a few nice days. Thursday was full of rain. And this morning I awoke to this outside.

Snow4-10-15B Snow4-10-15A

Why do you taunt us?
Teasing us with thoughts of Spring
Just to take it back

A couple nice days
Then slammed with an all day rain
And followed b SNOW?!?!?!

Please Mother Nature
Enough is really enough
April is now here

Don’t you think it’s time
For sandals and sun and warmth
Camping and swimming

Let’s talk about this
Surely we can compromise
How about sixties?

I hope that you’ll see
It would mean so much to all
If Spring it could be


Snow Day

Waking up to snow
On this late March Wednesday morn
Makes me wish for Spring


The great thaw had come
There was to be no more snow
But it’s here once more


In cold December
Or even January
We love snowy days


But now it is March
And the snow is getting old
Please Mother Nature

Bring warmer weather
Campfires, cookouts, swimming holes
It’s all that we want