Taking my son to school

I was taking my son to school this morning. I got to the car first because I put the dogs in their outside kennel. I watch him come out the door, backpack strapped on. He approached the car and climbs into the shotgun seat.

He immediately turns to me as he is climbing in and yells, “BLARG” or something like that, like he was a monster coming into the car. “Did I scare you?”

“No, I saw you coming.”

“But you didn’t know I was going to do that.”

“No I didn’t but you didn’t scare me.”

A moment later, we begin one of our favorite ‘arguments’. Somehow we end up with him saying “Silly daddy, Trix are for kids” Referencing the cereal commercial.

“No, silly boy, Trix are for Rabbits.”

This goes on pretty much till we get to school.

Some days there are no words to describe that kid. or the big smile he brings to my face.