Book Review – Captured by Catherine Stovall

The Blood Prophecy Book 1
Catherine Stovall
4 stars

Catherine paints us a very interesting twist on the age old vampire story. Jenda is a young woman who suffers a terrible loss. Her best friend, Soborgne, disappears, leaving behind blood and a mystery. Jenda is shattered, though the chilling words left in her friend’s blood lead her to feel that not is all as it appears. When Matteo, a centuries old vampire, comes looking for her, Jenda is scared to learn the truth of her friend’s disappearance.

This book is a little reminiscent of a big name in this genre, old vampire and high school girl, but Catherine’s take on the tale gives it some unique features. Her heroine, Jenda, is not completely helpless and more than willing to kick a little vampire behind on her own. Her bond with her friend Sobo transcends their trials. All in all this was a nice little diversion from reality. I enjoy a good vampire story.

The bad news is that there are quite a few minor errors that jerked me out of the great pace of the book. I found sentences with the words flipped around, or extra words that don’t quite make sense in the sentence. The story was great and flowed well other than that so I was willing to overlook the minor inconveniences in those sentences.

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Review – Bob by Tegon Maus

By Tegon Maus
Tirgearr Publishing
5 Stars

This makes the third book I have read of Tegon’s and he did not disappoint this time either. Bob is the story of Pete Anderson, newspaper man on the decline, and of course, Bob himself. Bob is definitely a Russian trying to be American. When Peter hits town chasing the story of the century that will net him a ticket back to the top, it is Bob and all of his “cousins” are there to help him along the way. At first Peter doesn’t seem impressed with Bob’s dilapidated car and its uncanny knack for staying put until its passengers are safely buckled in. When Peter clicks the seatbelt for the first time, he has no idea just how fast and how far the story will take him.

Aliens, government conspiracies and a little end of the world panic collide in this delightful romp. Along the way, Peter, Bob, and the “cousins” meet Emma, nailed to a table by her hands of all things. Emma is a beautiful woman with a deliciously naughty talent for enhancing emotions in those around her. She’s also from the future, sent back with many of her kind to try and save as much of the human race as possible from a near extinction level event. These descendants of humanity are not the only races checking out the scene in post-year 2000 Earth.

Peter and Bob race to the rescue when Dr. Thorpe, the man who had Emma nailed to the table in the first place, manages to capture her again. This time Bob brings all the “cousins” to deal with Dr. Thorpe’s corrupt government agents. Somehow the two would be heroes find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic incident.

I really enjoyed the story but I had to ding Tegon for the transition at the end of the book. It fell right in line with the narrative and left me lost for a moment until I reread the passage. I was looking for a chapter break, section break, something. That aside, this was a delightful quick read that I recommend to anyone looking for a funny little trip. If you read this book, I am sure you would be like Bob and say, “I have cousin” who would also love this book. Check it out at the links below.

Amazon:Bob by Tegon Maus

Author Website-Tegon Maus

Publisher Website-Tirgearr Publishing

Book Review – “The Heroine Next Door” by Zeena Nackerdien


The Heroine Next Door
By Zeena Nackerdien
1 Star

Zeena Nackerdien is an accomplished biochemist, researcher, and patient advocate who has devoted her life to helping her home country of South Africa in its war against HIV/Aids as well as TB and other diseases plaguing the country. I applaud those efforts and Ms. Nackerdien.

When I was approached to do a book review of her novel, The Heroine Next Door, I was excited. I thought I would be delving into the rich experiences of this multicultural woman. Born and mostly educated in South Africa during the last years of Apartheid. She comes to the United States with a lofty goal of furthering her knowledge in an effort to help her people. In the pages of her book, I see glimpses of that story and there is a glimmer of the beauty I think that story would hold. However, what I received reads more like a dissertation more suitable for a scientific journal.

The story of Leila Hassan pulled me in at first. There is plenty of detail about her life. Instead of the characters living their lives, it reads like something counting off plot points in rapid fire succession. It reminded me of slides from college science courses meant to throw the bare facts at students for the purpose of examinations. I wanted to share in the experiences of this woman as she came to America and adjusted to Western culture versus her Muslim upbringing and religious roots. I was sadly disappointed with more facts and figures on research into treatments for HIV/AIDS and TB.

I won’t bore you gentle readers with anything more except to say that I saw a potential in the words that Zeena Nackerdien gave us. There is a story, or maybe many stories, to be told by the characters she glosses over. I would certainly read those stories when they appear.

Book Review – The Unholy, by Paul DeBlassie III

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The Unholy

By Paul DeBlassie III

Publisher: Sunstone Press (October, 2013)
Category: New Age Fiction/Metaphysical Thriller, Paranormal Thriller
Available in: Print & ebook,  203 Pages

Rating 3 stars

The Unholy is centered on a young woman named Claire. At the tender age of five, Claire is orphaned after her mother’s mysterious and violent death. Claire remembers vividly the details of that night in the Aztlan desert. Now twenty five, the age her mother was when she died, Claire becomes mired an ages long war between “Good” and “Evil”. The forces of “Evil”, represented by the corrupt Archbishop, hide behind their religious piety to mask their demonic dealings. Time is running out on the Archbishop’s promises, however. Claire has to face her heritage and tortured memories of the night her mother died.

Paul takes us on a romp through the mysticism of the native southwest as Claire struggles with her legacy as a medicine woman. Along the way he gives us a glimpse of the dangers of corruption in the guise of religious fervor. The twists at the end come rapid fire.

At first, I struggled with this book. I am not entirely sure why except to say that I was bogged down in some repetition and the usage of native terminology. Even for those unfamiliar with the terms this may prove only a minor problem as Paul repeatedly translates the words immediately after using them. Once the tension got rolling towards the end of the first quarter of the book, I was hooked on finding out what will happen to Claire. Following her internal struggles and external hardships, especially her conflicted personal interactions, kept me turning the page. I feel a little cheated by the ending, which I will not spoil for the next reader. While it tied up the loose ends, it did so at an alarming speed that left me wanting more detail.

Technical Review: I noticed few typographical errors but some of the sentences are very wordy. I found myself more than once pausing in the middle of near paragraph length sentences. The majority of these looked like they could have been split up to provide quick jabs of information instead of a big roundhouse kick.

For these reasons I give The Unholy 3 stars. A worthy read if you like mysticism and are not offended by the portrayal of corruption in big religion.

Book Review: Map of Bones by Lauren Howell


So, public review time. “Map of Bones” by Lauren Howell is a map of adventure. I gave it 4 stars and I highly recommend this little gem to anyone who wants a fast paced quick read that will leave you waiting for more. here is my Amazon Review.

“Lauren weaves a tale in this short story that pulled me right in. I wanted to like her main character Sam right away. I won’t spill too much of the story but she has the guts of a Lara Croft or Indiana Jones without being completely arrogant. She comes across as a person who, only when pushed to the limit, really finds her strength. The twist at the end has me waiting anxiously for a continuation of Sam’s story.”

I saw check it out when you get a chance. you can find Lauren at the following locations.

Twitter @lm_howell