Rant – Stolen Purse Story on Facebook

I should have known better. I should have just scrolled on past the article on my Facebook feed. The picture wasn’t that great. I honestly thought it was a picture of a pair of cut off jeans or something. Then I read who it was from (a news outlet) and linked by a good friend of mine. I also see over 25k likes and thousands of comments. Curiosity sparked.

So I read about this woman who had her purse stolen while she was at a dog park. Turns out what I thought was a pair of cut off shorts, was a purse made from her boyfriend’s army pants. A soldier who died doing his job of serving our country. This touching reminder to the soldier she loved was STOLEN OUT OF HER CAR. I am using caps on purpose. I have a few things I need to say about this, because it gets worse than just having her purse stolen. I say this knowing that the people I am referring to will not likely see this, but I need to get it off my chest anyway. That is what blogs are for right?

Firstly, to the woman robbed of her property, I am very sorry for your loss. There are few things like being robbed to violate one’s sense of security. Obviously we can all think of worse, but that isn’t the purpose of this rant. Ma’am, I am not much of a praying man but I pray that you get your property back. My little brother was in the Army and whenever someone does anything disrespectful regarding our military it boils my blood. The sacrifice your boyfriend made for this country is one of the most under-appreciated events these days. It is shameful what this scumbag did.

Secondly, to the scumbag who stole this purse (and perhaps committed any of the other recent thefts in the area), I hope Karma catches up to you quick you piece of dirt. Actually, that’s an insult to dirt. Any food you buy with the money from your ill gotten gains, I hope it at least tears your stomach to shreds, if it doesn’t cause you to choke to death. Any drugs you may purchase, let’s hope for an overdose. You are a despicable creature. I know at this point, some readers might say, “Hey, that’s a little harsh don’t you think?” No, it is not. We should be able to feel secure with our possessions in this country. The fact that we cannot, is a disgrace to this country. I am not going to get religious or political in my reasons that stealing is wrong. Just this, as a human being with any amount of self respect or decency, Why do you take something not belonging to you? There is always another way, another path. There is NO REASON to steal from your fellow man.

Thirdly, and this further proves my point of the decline of society, goes out to the commentators who felt it proper to blame the poor woman. Her purse was in her LOCKED VEHICLE, tucked on the floor board. What part of that means she was asking to be robbed? You people need to remove yourselves from this country, and at least the gene pool. Your sense of humanity is so flawed, it makes me wonder what you do in your daily lives? Are you the kind of person who passes a parked car and thinks, “Oh, lets smash this window and take that purse, because I feel like it. If the owner wasn’t asking me to rob them, they would be in the car, or not parked in this lot.” The type of person who would commit ‘victim shaming’ (to steal a buzzword) is about as low as the person who did the crime. Anyone who tries to justify and support these lower life forms can join them somewhere else. Perhaps we can find a nice island for you all. Somewhere tropical. Then we can hit it with a hurricane.

So, I feel loads better having gotten this off my chest. You may now return your regular scheduled programming.


Baseball has begun…

So this week, baseball season started for my son. He is 10 and considered one of the “older kids” on his 10U team. We took him to some lessons earlier in the year to get ready for this season. His swing is greatly improved and he is actually catching and throwing better than I have ever seen him. I am so proud of him. Last night at practice (the second practice of the season), the coach had him working on his pitching. He could use some work there. Pitching wasn’t something we had been terribly concerned with. The only sad thing is that we have just eight kids on the team. So if someone fails to show up to a game it is an automatic forfeit. I think the games that I am off of my day job for I am going to offer to drive any kids that need rides. We cannot afford to have a season like last year where kids weren’t showing up because the parents didn’t feel like driving to some of the games.

I don’t understand why you would sign your kid up for something and then not follow through with it. The lessons we are teaching our children when we do those things are not good. This is a world where if you don’t put forth 110% effort, you are likely to be left behind. I worry about the kids whose parents let them skip out on practices or games just because they “Don’t feel like it”.

I am unable to attend the Monday practices because of my day job. I intend to be at every practice or game that I can attend. Last night I was able to work on batting stance and swinging with almost all of the kids from the team. We then worked on catching both pop fly balls and grounders. Having watched some of these kids play on T-Ball the previous years, or even on the 10U team last year has been a pleasure. Some of them have greatly improved from last year. I am looking forward to this season.

To go with this have came a great article my wife found.


And a picture from one of the other sports moms that I really like.


I just want to state that I in no way own the link or the image. If I can find whomever I should credit for the image, I will certainly update this post with that information.

Poem – American Heart (Unfollowed my first blog today)

I have had many many positive experiences discovering blogs since I joined WordPress a year ago. This morning I had to unfollow a blog for the first time. I consider myself very open to criticism, as I know that none of us are perfect. However, a nerve was touched when this person said that American poetry was dead. I did some looking around on their blog and from what I can tell this person has never lived in the United States. I have read many wonderful works of wordsmithery (I am sure that is not a word, but I heard it somewhere and think it is fitting) on other blogs and I think this person just has no clue. You cannot judge the heart and soul of a country’s literary works by the loudest voices. You have to listen for the small still voice that is closest to the heartbeat. I have read and met many wonderful people on here from America and other countries. I hope you will forgive me for this little bit of pride in my country. Anyway, I ended up writing something poetic about it. Enjoy my friends.

American Heart

I read somewhere someone said
That American poetry is dead
No leader or soul to speak of
How dare you judge as if above
The struggles and triumphs of our heart

You who sit in a foreign land
Feeling superior with your pen in hand
Speaking of things you can’t experience
Go on living in your gross ignorance
of the power in an American heart

Each culture has its own outcasts
The voices loudest that always lasts
Loud and proud these voices can be
But some don’t speak for us all you see
For there is beautiful diversity in our heart

So throw your stones from your glass house
And think us mild and meek as a mouse
But when you poke this sleeping bear
Be prepared to face us once we are aware
Of your insults to our American Heart

Poem – A Life Mistaken

I try to not get too political (or discuss religion much for that matter), because it is usually such a volatile topic. I abhor the drama and nonsensical mudslinging that usually is centered around anything to do with government or politics. However, in my caffeine induced writing frenzy today. Something sparked in me regarding all the upheaval after recent police shooting deaths. First I want to say that I support equal rights in every sense of the word. I also support that if you attack an officer of the law, be it unarmed, with a knife, or a gun; then you deserve a bullet. Even if the arrest is for something you are innocent of, that is why we have a court system to assess your case. There is absolutely no reason to respond with violence towards a police officer. If the officer is in the wrong, then that will come to light during the investigation that occurs with any arrest, and especially after all police shootings (as I understand it). Any wrongdoing on the part of the officer will be punished as is allocated in our laws. Anarchy, rioting, burning and looting are the acts of uncivilized, unintelligent people. Do not stoop to that level as a way to seek justice in any disagreement. It merely paints a bad picture to the rest of the world of just who you are. All lives matter. There are always three sides to a story like these; the victim (who sadly cannot tell us directly sometimes), the officer’s, and the absolute truth. Never assume that news and media outlets are going to tell us anything except what will inflame your consciousness and get ratings. That is their job. Oh, once upon a time it was about information exchange and educating the public, now it is all about ratings and profit. That is for another Rant someday. Anyway, here is a poem to go along with this long-winded ramble.

A Life Mistaken

What do you say about a life mistaken?
Mother and Father left with their hearts aching
Fools rush in screaming injustice
Family and friends their loved one miss

Some cries of outrage are justified
In some pure malice does hide
Using tragedy to further their own ends
No empathy for the lost life’s friends

If only we could all stop and think
Before plunging head first off the brink
Cooler heads would be better served
To assure the wrong get what’s deserved

Riots do nothing but feed a fire
Helped along by those who desire
Division, Chaos, and Misdirection
In the wake of a life mistaken

Now, I just want to assure everyone reading this that I know the meaning of the word mistaken. But if you read it with an open mind, you just might catch my play on the word. Happy reading and keep fighting the fight folks.