Spell a Day – Feb 1st 2016

Well, Time flies when you are having fun doesn’t it Gentle Readers? We enter a new month today and 1/12th of 2016 is gone. February is our shortest month but is jam packed with interesting and exciting events. We have the Sabbat Imbolc, which I will get to tomorrow.

For today however, we will focus on a Winter protection amulet brought to us by Charlie Rainbow Wolf. For this we need to make a satchet using salt, juniper, garlic and sage. Tie these together and give them a chant seeking protection under the dark of the moon for maximum effect. It may not ward off much of the cold, but hopefully it will keep away harm.

I thought I would take a moment to investigate the four items thought best to use in this amulet. So I did a quick google search on each ingredients traditional properties.

Salt – is a very basic ingredient for purification and blessing. I am sure we all have heard the superstition about tossing salt over our left shoulder to ward of malevolent spirits. if you watch the TV show Supernatural, you know how integral it is against all sorts of monsters the Winchester boys hunt.

Juniper – (and its berries) are also sought after for their protective capabilities. Either as a berry, juiced, dried and powdered, or turned into an incense.

Garlic – A powerful herb with a history of use dating back well over 5000 years. It along with onions are said to have sprouted from Satan’s footsteps as he departed the Garden of Eden. Any self respecting vampire also knows to steer clear of this herb as well. It is known to protect and empower any spell it is used in, making it an ideal addition today.

Sage – An herb I am quite familiar with in respect to its purification and protection usage. I made some candles with dried and powdered sage in order to ward off any negativity during ritual or spell work. It is also great as a smudge, where the smoke will help push out negative spirits from a space, be that your altar space, or your home in general.

So, gather your ingredients and get that amulet combined Gentle Readers. Here is to a great start to the second month of 2016.


Spell a Day – Jan 29th 2016

Protection. Feeling secure. Reflecting negativity. Today’s spell a day is about exactly this. Shielding ourselves from that which we do not want in our life. Negative forces that want to bring us down.

I have always been drawn to black onyx, which is traditionally a protection stone or a stone to ward off harm/negativity. When I was younger I had a piece of onyx that was shaped like a small obelisk that I wore for years. I would hang it on my bed post while I slept. It may sound crazy to some, but I could tell the days that I forgot it. The day always seemed full of mishaps and misunderstandings, frustrations and failures. I felt out of sorts without it during those early teenage years. I had bought it at this little shop in the mall of my hometown. One day it was gone and I couldn’t find it no matter how hard I searched. A few years later I was going through a difficult period in my life and I found it in an old box of random stuff. It seemed like the stone knew I needed a little boost and it returned to provide it. Sadly I have lost that stone again. Since I have had another necklace with a piece of onyx in it that I wore almost religiously for years. Due to the pentacle and crescent moon on the new pendant it became a symbol of my break with most other organized religions and started a lot of the comments regarding my status a s pagan or Wiccan by coworkers and friends. Initially I just felt it was neat and I wore it because of that.

Whether one believes in talismans or not, there seems to be a relationship between the importance one places on an object and your attitude about the world when you have it. Friends of mine who are devoutly Christian feel the same sense of loss and insecurity when they are without their cross as I used to without my onyx pendant.

Belief can be as powerful a tool as the supposed magical properties the tool is supposed to possess. What kind of symbol or talisman is important to you?