Book Review – The Dandelion Farmer by Mathew McCall

The Dandelion Farmer
Mathew McCall
4 Stars

Well, my Gentle Readers, Mathew McCall delivers an interesting view on Mars Colonization through his novel, “The Dandelion Farmer“.

The story centers on one, L. Edwin Ransom, the self professed Dandelion Farmer, and an incident with evil millionaire mogul, Du Maurier. Du Maurier has a strange interest in Ransom’s little farming operation, but is it greed? Or something deeper? The planet Mars has seen its share of bloodshed when the peoples of Earth came calling upon its longtime denizens. An uneasy peace has held for a couple of decades since the Tellurians (Earth people on Mars), broke free of their Earthbound governments to establish their own rule. This peace is tenuous at best and the ever present threat of more war keeps everyone on edge. When Du Maurier’s threats escalate into more violent attempts upon the life of Ransom and his people, he heads to his father-in-law’s home where he is caught up in the man’s quest to find out what happened to the Aresians (original settlers of Mars who disappeared after years of war witht he Tellurians).

McCall fashions this world and the storytelling as a collection of letters, journal entries, telegraphs, and excerpts from historical texts. This means sometimes telling the same scene from different perspectives. Some readers may find this tedious, but it does provide insights into the personalities of the various characters. Some of the more historical records included could probably have been trimmed or cut out for sake of keeping the action going, but they allow the reader to see the depth to which McCall has developed the setting he created his story within. Of particular interest to me was the character of Adam Franklin and later, Aelita: an Aresian who grew up in Tellurian society after she was orphaned during the war.

I won’t hold back here. This is a long read with some dry parts (the aforementioned historical texts for one). The overall story though is intriguing. McCall leaves you wanting to finish the chase to discover the Aresians, and see Du Maurier get his just rewards along the way.

Grab your copy on Amazon now if you’re ready to join the Dandelion Farmer on his quest.


Spell a Day – Jan 5th 2016


Mars, the Red Planet, associated with the God of War himself. So, in the picture above, Mars just doesn’t look that impressive. For those of a metaphysical bend, it is important to note when Mars’ influence comes into your life. This could be a particular combative person invading your “space”, or a sudden urge to go to war yourself over something. Sure, there are people who downplay this sort of thing, but who knows how the cosmos pulls at us really? The moon controls the tides and throughout history people have claimed it affects mood and energy level. Why not let the red planet incite a little blood lust.

Back to the task at hand, I would say that, if Mars has an effect on us psychologically, the bastard must live in my house. I wish he would find someone else to bother. Maybe I can find him and go Teddy Roosevelt on his ass.

That would solve his flaming sword attitude. Anyway, I dug up an old poem of mine about Anger I thought I would drop in the bottom of here.

Darkness, Control, Blindness, Rage
Not absence of light
But a blinding rage
Against all that is good
Within your life
Lost in the evil blight
Let loose from its cage
Doing all that you could
To stem the strife
Hiding all that is right
No compass to gauge
No morals that would
Battle the knife
Held by
Try with all your might
Try to turn the page
And save all that is good
Within your life


So, Mars gets a bad rap honestly. Not all war is bad. Not all anger is cruel. Sometimes the righteous anger at injustice or evil in the world is just what is needed to purge in cleansing fire that which is undesirable. It doesn’t even have to be that epic sounding. It can simply be that moment when you decide to change something about your life. Making that decision can seem like waging a war on yourself. So when you go to war, for whatever the reason, remember Mars and his red sword of fire. May it cut the way you want it to gentle readers.

What have you gone to war over? Trying to quit a bad habit? Excise some malevolent figure from your life? Let’s hear it in the comments.