Book Review – Antholocaust by Justin Osborne


By Justin Osborne

5 stars

Justin put together a collection of the macabre and insane in this collection of short stories. From the opening poem, you know that this is a trek into the nightmares of a deeply creative mind. As you read through the stories you will see what a great storyteller Justin is. Some are cute and campy but with a horrific twist, others are downright thrillers to chill your blood. He tackles man versus himself, as well as Man versus beast. I am not going to go into much detail about the stories because that would spoil it for the rest of you gentle readers.  However, I will say this. I need a Muffinz. That’s with a ‘Z’ you know. For Street Cred.

The only downside for me and I had to bring this up is that there are several places throughout the stories where I think it could have benefited from one more read through. I found cases of word repetition in the same sentence, and a few cases where it was clear something was missing. They weren’t many, and I have seen big name author’s with just as many, if not more. For this reason, I still give it 5 stars, only because a 4.5 just doesn’t work on the rating pages.

Go out and pick up this great little e-book on Amazon a the link below.

Antholocaust by Justin Osborne


Author Interview – Justin Osborne

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing a writer with three published works under his belt, Justin Osborne. His first book, Epic:Legacy, reached #5 in its genre. As usual, My comments are in Green, and Mr. Osborne will be Blue.

I want to start by thanking you for agreeing to do this interview Justin. I have become a fan of your exploits on Facebook in both groups I am in with you.
Let’s start with some background. How long have you been writing?

I started writing seriously in 2010, I was at a boring job with a LOT of down time, so I said
‘Screw it, I going to write a book.’

I know you have a new Anthology out and we will talk about it in a minute. First though, how many works have you published?

I have 2 Fantasy novels, EPIC: Legacy and EPIC: Exodus, with Book 3, EPIC: Reunification in the works.

Do you stick to one genre typically? How would you classify yourself?

I like to mix it up. While the EPIC books are primarily ‘Fantasy’, I put elements of other genres in there as well, there’s drama, laugh out loud comedy, sci-fi, etc. The same holds true for my Horror works, a little something for everybody.

Let’s talk about your new Anthology. What would you like to share with readers about it?

It’s a mixed bag of older, previously released stories, as well as some new ones. I even have a piece written by my daughter when she was 16. I included it because of positive reader
response. No Nepotism! Haha

I want to get a little personal with you now. I have noticed that you are married. What does your wife think of your work? How does she handle the hours you spend in the seclusion of your mind while you work?

I usually write when she’s doing something else or if I’m alone, so there’s no struggle for my attention.

How has the rest of your family reacted to your chosen profession?

My kids are amazingly unimpressed, especially the older ones. My youngest seems to be the most supportive and proud, even though he refuses to read EPIC. Haha

I want to thank you Justin for taking some time out of your busy writing and promotion weekend to grant me this interview.

Here I have some links where you can pick up Justin’s work gentle readers. I also have included a link to his Facebook Fanpage where you can keep informed about his upcoming projects. I hope you will give a look and snatch up anything that tickles your fancy.

EPIC: Legacy


EPIC: Exodus




Facebook Fanpage