Spell a Day – Jan 19th 2016


Just read on Gentle Readers,the iceberg’s existence will become clearer.

Today’s spell a day is all about releasing some sort of problem or negative influence from your life, in a spectacularly violent way. First you should write whatever it is you want to remove from your life on a piece of paper with a blue ink pen. Place the piece of paper in a freezer bag and fill with enough water to cover the paper. Freeze the bag.

This is where the fun begins. You are supposed to smash the frozen bag with a rolling pin or a hammer to break up the ice. Then you let it melt. Then you are supposed to pour the water/paper mixture out onto the ground or a compost pile. You can bury the paper if you wish. As you walk away from it, picture your problem going away.

I have to thank James Kambos for this one. Here is a link to his Author Page on Llewellyn.

This sounds like a great way to get rid of some frustrations doesn’t it? Anyone care to share what they would put on their piece of paper?