Book Review – Rippler (Ripple Series Book 1) by Cidney Swanson


Rippler (Ripple Series Book 1)

Cidney Swanson
5 stars
Cidney takes a classic wish we’ve all shared I’m sure, invisibility, and gives us a new and exciting twist.
Samantha is your typical 15 year old girl, right? Except that she’s not your typical 15 year old girl at all. Sam, to her friends, has faced tragedy in her young life. Losing her mother and best friend in a hit and run by a drunk driver mars what should be joyful childhood years. Now Sam is finally starting to regain her happiness. One of her childhood friends has returned and she has the serious beginnings of a crush on her cross country teammate Will.
Just as things are starting to look up, something happens on the team building rafting trip. Sam just vanishes, and Will knows something is going on. After helping her cover up for her disappearance, Will becomes her confidante as Sam tries to figure out just what happens when she “ripples”.
Conspiracy theories and a dark history reaching all the way from Nazi Germany threaten the lives of Sam, Will, and his sister Mickie. Can they discover who is after them in time to stop their nefarious plot? Or will they be victims of another accident?


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