Book Review – Re: Camelot Part One: The Descendant of the King by E.C. Fisher


Re: Camelot Part One: The Descendant of the King
E.C. Fisher
5 Stars

King Arthur is one of my favorite literary legends. I’ve read lots of variations and this one delivers on so many levels. Potentially spoilerish comments follow.

Young Arthur is an orphan and outcast at the private school his guardian sent him to. That all changes when he walks through a door and finds himself on the planet of Avalon. He quickly learns that not only is Avalon the birthplace of the real life King Arthur and Merlin stories he grew up on, but that he himself is a descendant of King Arthur.

Darkness of old has returned to threaten the kingdoms of Avalon and Arthur is the only one who can wield Excalibur to defeat it. Now he must race to reunite Excalibur with the sacred weapons used by the original Knights of the Round Table.

The only negative I have about this story is I need the next installment. Like, really must have it.

Grab your copy on Amazon now.

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Meet The Author Monday – E.C. Fisher

Today my Gentle Readers I want to introduce you to a fellow fantasy and science fiction fan, as well as author, E.C. Fisher. E.C. has a couple stories published that you can check out and I am loving the covers. Per our usual format, I will be BLUE and E.C. will be in GREEN.


Welcome to the blog E.C. Glad that you came by. Let’s start by diving into your reading habits. What are you reading currently and who influenced your reading in the beginning?
At the moment I haven’t been reading much due to my own writing schedule and a full-time job. My father got me interested, I used to read from his library of books. Mostly Clive Cussler and Tom Clancy. I like Jim Butcher, Dan Brown, and J.K. Rowling.

Great authors across the board. Butcher is one of my favorites. Love his Dresden character. That would make your favorite genres…
Fantasy and Science Fiction. I like to imagine the world the author creates. While I try to mimic that style of writing I still find myself missing the elements that those authors are able to pull from.

World building can be a tricky business. There are many pieces to make a believable world. So, other than trying to mimic those writing styles, what made you want to cross the line from reader to writer?
It happened because of a dream that my mind wouldn’t let go of. I had a terrible week of barely any sleep and as the weekend approached I decided to write out my dream. This became my first book, Re: Camelot. While not my debut novel, Re:Camelot had to be broken into four parts so that I could release it.

Do you feel fantasy is your calling or do you have other genres swirling in your creative mind?
I find myself staying more in the fantasy realm but I am trying to work in different genres some that I can make sure I don’t miss a chance at creating something great just because I didn’t think I could write in that particular genre.

It is a good thing to not limit yourself with any preconcieved notions about what you can and cannot write. If the story is inside you, tell it, regardless of whether it is fantasy, science fiction, horror, or romance. How has publishing your first works gone for you?
I decided to go the self-published route. While I may be wishing to have gone traditionally at the moment I think not having to deal with agents has been a blessing. I have used different editors with each new release, many to try different people, but I’ve found each of them has an aspect that one maybe lacking. It is hard to find the perfect editor.

Once you find that editor that you connect with and can work with successfully, hold onto them. Although, different types of editors have different talents. They aren’t all meant to do everything. How do you like to spend your time when not writing?
I work in the afternoon to evening time so I try to get my writing in before then. Once I get home from work I am mostly fielding emails or finding more chances to market myself.

Marketing, the bane of self-published and small-press authors. Although I hear the traditionally published ones still have to handle most of their own marketing. Thank you for stopping by E.C. If anyone would like to check out E.C.’s work, jump on the links below.

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