Meet The Author Monday – Angel M.B. Chadwick

This week on Meet The Author Monday, we have Angel M.B. Chadwick, a crime writer with two books currently on Amazon. I will pose my questions in BLUE while Angel’s responses will be in GREEN.


Thank you for stopping by today, Angel. Let’s dive into how you got started in the literary world.
I started reading when I was four. I loved to absorb words and worlds which is still true today.

There is nothing like getting lost in world created in a book. What genre do you enjoy the most?
I love most genres, but mysteries are what I love the most.

Somewhere along the line you decided to cross over into writing your own worlds to get absorbed in. Tell us about that moment.
My seventh grade English teacher encouraged me to keep writing when she saw my potential during an English assignment when I wrote a short story.

That was a fortuitous moment. You had a great teacher. Do you concentrate on one genre or several?
No, I always mix several genres. I love lots of variety and diversity in my works, without it I get bored very quickly and very easily that also included in the books I read.

Nothing wrong with a little variety in the written word. How did you get started being a published author?
I’ve been an author/writer for 26 years. I was trad published in my teens and twenties. I was offered a publishing contract when I was fifteen years old by a major publisher and turned it down. I’ve always been indie/self-published and I think that’s why I never got along with the traditionally published world. One rejection if you can call it that by a publisher was “You have a unique insight into mankind.” But unfortunately they weren’t able to market that. So I took it as a compliment and decided to market my “Unique insight into mankind” for myself as an indie.

Good for you. Sometimes I don’t think the traditional publishing houses have any idea how silly it is to put all your eggs on one big name author. There are so many stories in the world to be told. When not writing, what do you enjoy? Do you have any family?
I don’t have any hobbies. I do ghostwriting and editing services, come up with business ideas for disabled/needy families. I have a ten year old son.

Sounds like you keep yourself busy. I know my son keeps me on my toes. Thank you again for stopping by. If anyone would like to check out Angel’s work, you can do so through the following links.

Facebook Page
GoodReads Author Page
GoodReads Author Blog
Amazon Author Page


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Rant – Stolen Purse Story on Facebook

I should have known better. I should have just scrolled on past the article on my Facebook feed. The picture wasn’t that great. I honestly thought it was a picture of a pair of cut off jeans or something. Then I read who it was from (a news outlet) and linked by a good friend of mine. I also see over 25k likes and thousands of comments. Curiosity sparked.

So I read about this woman who had her purse stolen while she was at a dog park. Turns out what I thought was a pair of cut off shorts, was a purse made from her boyfriend’s army pants. A soldier who died doing his job of serving our country. This touching reminder to the soldier she loved was STOLEN OUT OF HER CAR. I am using caps on purpose. I have a few things I need to say about this, because it gets worse than just having her purse stolen. I say this knowing that the people I am referring to will not likely see this, but I need to get it off my chest anyway. That is what blogs are for right?

Firstly, to the woman robbed of her property, I am very sorry for your loss. There are few things like being robbed to violate one’s sense of security. Obviously we can all think of worse, but that isn’t the purpose of this rant. Ma’am, I am not much of a praying man but I pray that you get your property back. My little brother was in the Army and whenever someone does anything disrespectful regarding our military it boils my blood. The sacrifice your boyfriend made for this country is one of the most under-appreciated events these days. It is shameful what this scumbag did.

Secondly, to the scumbag who stole this purse (and perhaps committed any of the other recent thefts in the area), I hope Karma catches up to you quick you piece of dirt. Actually, that’s an insult to dirt. Any food you buy with the money from your ill gotten gains, I hope it at least tears your stomach to shreds, if it doesn’t cause you to choke to death. Any drugs you may purchase, let’s hope for an overdose. You are a despicable creature. I know at this point, some readers might say, “Hey, that’s a little harsh don’t you think?” No, it is not. We should be able to feel secure with our possessions in this country. The fact that we cannot, is a disgrace to this country. I am not going to get religious or political in my reasons that stealing is wrong. Just this, as a human being with any amount of self respect or decency, Why do you take something not belonging to you? There is always another way, another path. There is NO REASON to steal from your fellow man.

Thirdly, and this further proves my point of the decline of society, goes out to the commentators who felt it proper to blame the poor woman. Her purse was in her LOCKED VEHICLE, tucked on the floor board. What part of that means she was asking to be robbed? You people need to remove yourselves from this country, and at least the gene pool. Your sense of humanity is so flawed, it makes me wonder what you do in your daily lives? Are you the kind of person who passes a parked car and thinks, “Oh, lets smash this window and take that purse, because I feel like it. If the owner wasn’t asking me to rob them, they would be in the car, or not parked in this lot.” The type of person who would commit ‘victim shaming’ (to steal a buzzword) is about as low as the person who did the crime. Anyone who tries to justify and support these lower life forms can join them somewhere else. Perhaps we can find a nice island for you all. Somewhere tropical. Then we can hit it with a hurricane.

So, I feel loads better having gotten this off my chest. You may now return your regular scheduled programming.