Book Review – Bright Horizons by Wilson Harp

Bright Horizons
Wilson Harp
3 Stars

First contact is made and the aliens have requested Earth to sign a treaty. In comes Colonel Kyle Martin, the “Butcher of Hyderabad”, to head up the Marine led diplomatic mission. Building his team of the best of the best of the best (intentional repetition there) is not going to be easy, since his ‘lucky charm’ is serving 50 years in Leavenworth.

Once Kyle has assembled his team he embarks on a space mission every astronaut dreams of, to meet the first alien race. The meeting with the Hedali does not go fully as planned and suddenly Earth is thrust into a galactic world that had previously deemed humans not worth invading and subjugating.

Twists, turns, and a lot of science fiction technology staples abound in this fast paced adventure story. The problem for me was plausibility in some of the scenes. I was no military child, but even a laymen knows some of the procedures and protocol seem off. Chalk it up to aliens but everyone is a little too perfect. Character growth seems minimal at best.

Wilson Harp’s Bright Horizons has a lot going for it my Gentle Readers. If you can put aside any preconceived thoughts on how the military worked, you can find things to enjoy in this book.

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Review – Bob by Tegon Maus

By Tegon Maus
Tirgearr Publishing
5 Stars

This makes the third book I have read of Tegon’s and he did not disappoint this time either. Bob is the story of Pete Anderson, newspaper man on the decline, and of course, Bob himself. Bob is definitely a Russian trying to be American. When Peter hits town chasing the story of the century that will net him a ticket back to the top, it is Bob and all of his “cousins” are there to help him along the way. At first Peter doesn’t seem impressed with Bob’s dilapidated car and its uncanny knack for staying put until its passengers are safely buckled in. When Peter clicks the seatbelt for the first time, he has no idea just how fast and how far the story will take him.

Aliens, government conspiracies and a little end of the world panic collide in this delightful romp. Along the way, Peter, Bob, and the “cousins” meet Emma, nailed to a table by her hands of all things. Emma is a beautiful woman with a deliciously naughty talent for enhancing emotions in those around her. She’s also from the future, sent back with many of her kind to try and save as much of the human race as possible from a near extinction level event. These descendants of humanity are not the only races checking out the scene in post-year 2000 Earth.

Peter and Bob race to the rescue when Dr. Thorpe, the man who had Emma nailed to the table in the first place, manages to capture her again. This time Bob brings all the “cousins” to deal with Dr. Thorpe’s corrupt government agents. Somehow the two would be heroes find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic incident.

I really enjoyed the story but I had to ding Tegon for the transition at the end of the book. It fell right in line with the narrative and left me lost for a moment until I reread the passage. I was looking for a chapter break, section break, something. That aside, this was a delightful quick read that I recommend to anyone looking for a funny little trip. If you read this book, I am sure you would be like Bob and say, “I have cousin” who would also love this book. Check it out at the links below.

Amazon:Bob by Tegon Maus

Author Website-Tegon Maus

Publisher Website-Tirgearr Publishing