Spell a Day – Jan 14th 2016

Today’s spell is about bringing prosperity into your home, and is something that we have unknowingly been doing every winter in my household. It involves taking some great smelling herbs/spices and boiling them in a pot of water on your stove. It makes your house smell great.

We have radiator heat in our older home so in the winter, it gets very dry. Because of this we often take cinnamon and apples, or orange peels, and boil them on the stove as a make shift humidifier. Unknowingly this is exactly the same thing recommended to bring some prosperity into your home. I suppose our lack of using the incantation or pouring the remnants outside instead of down the garbage disposal might account for not seeing the influx we were supposed to. I wonder if I can convince my wife that she needs to give it a little rhyme when she starts the water to simmer. Maybe it would work.

I penned a little poem about success and prosperity. Hope you enjoy.

Success is the prize
Awarded for much hard work
A prosperous life

Working to perfect your craft
Whether or not it is in the arts
Even when others start to laugh
One step and your journey starts

You will stumble and fall
It’s only natural you see
But answer your heart’s call
To be who you’re meant to be

Study and work hard
To gain that which you desire
Personal success


Until next time Gentle Readers.

Spell a Day – Jan 10th 2016


Today we are suppose to talk about dreams. The picture is our bigger dog, Moose. He is taking a little nap on the couch as there was nothing going on this day. He gets a little squirmy when he is bored.

To dream, at least the dreams we are to talk about today, one must be asleep. I don’t know about all of you my gentle readers, but Sleep can be a fickle mistress for sure. There are weeks where I am lucky to get 4 hours of sleep. There are times I have such vivid dreams that I have trouble waking up. It is where many a poem or story idea has come from. Now if I could just get them all down on paper I would have at least a dozen books on the market right now.

I have tried everything to get to sleep, even blending up special teas from ingredients known for helping one sleep. The best method I have found for falling asleep fast is merely to focus on breathing and willing my muscles to relax. My wife is driven nuts by my ability to fall asleep by controlling my breathing. I guess it is a form of meditation but I never studied meditation too deeply. I have trouble quieting the voices in my head for that, unless I am trying to fall asleep, then they just wait to attack my dreams.

I found an older poem I never shared with all of you on here that talks about sleep and dreams. I had a severe cold and sleeping with a stuffed nose is no fun. If you have never experienced that, count yourself lucky.

No Sleep
Head full of cotton
No rest for me on this night
A sinus clogged death

Eyes are wide open
Staring at the clock all night
No restful dream sleep

What is there to do
No pill works in the slightest
To end my torment

The quiet taunts me
As sleep eludes my doomed grasp
Until morning comes


Feel free to share your sleep deprivation remedies in the comments and see you next time.

Spell a Day – Jan 8th 2016

My Spell A Day Almanac says that January 8th is a day to get fired up for success.


WHOOPS, I don’t think that’s what was meant. The New Year is getting well underway and I hope everyone is still keeping up with their resolutions. I know I am. I am still floundering my way through the revisions on my first novel. (Damn you Sudoku for being so additive.) I have managed to do a couple book reviews so I am getting somewhere with that. And if everyone looks at the date on this post, I am only 10 days behind on this Spell a Day feature. I am making such incredible headway. Oh, yeah, I am also still the same weight I started the month off at. I blame sweets and the cold weather for this. It is very hard to go outside and do anything fun when it is negative windchills. Just not something I want to do.

Chinese philosopher Laozi is quoted as saying, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Contrary to some belief, it was not his contemporary Confucius who said this. Have you taken your first step on your resolutions my gentle readers? I want to encourage you all to take hold of what it is you want this year and make it happen.

I have a poem to share with you about chasing your dreams.

Journey’s Beginning
Journeys great or small
Begin with a single step
Take your first today

Success means different things
To paupers as it does to Kings

Dream the crazy dream
Wild with imagination
Because it’s all yours

Don’t lose sight of your goals
Don’t fear obstacles in your way
Even when your fires is merely coals
A little fuel can burn as bright as day

Find our true passions
And chase them to fruition
Then hold them tightly


Hold onto your goals and dreams for this year gentle readers. Until next time.

Spell a Day – Jan 5th 2016


Mars, the Red Planet, associated with the God of War himself. So, in the picture above, Mars just doesn’t look that impressive. For those of a metaphysical bend, it is important to note when Mars’ influence comes into your life. This could be a particular combative person invading your “space”, or a sudden urge to go to war yourself over something. Sure, there are people who downplay this sort of thing, but who knows how the cosmos pulls at us really? The moon controls the tides and throughout history people have claimed it affects mood and energy level. Why not let the red planet incite a little blood lust.

Back to the task at hand, I would say that, if Mars has an effect on us psychologically, the bastard must live in my house. I wish he would find someone else to bother. Maybe I can find him and go Teddy Roosevelt on his ass.

That would solve his flaming sword attitude. Anyway, I dug up an old poem of mine about Anger I thought I would drop in the bottom of here.

Darkness, Control, Blindness, Rage
Not absence of light
But a blinding rage
Against all that is good
Within your life
Lost in the evil blight
Let loose from its cage
Doing all that you could
To stem the strife
Hiding all that is right
No compass to gauge
No morals that would
Battle the knife
Held by
Try with all your might
Try to turn the page
And save all that is good
Within your life


So, Mars gets a bad rap honestly. Not all war is bad. Not all anger is cruel. Sometimes the righteous anger at injustice or evil in the world is just what is needed to purge in cleansing fire that which is undesirable. It doesn’t even have to be that epic sounding. It can simply be that moment when you decide to change something about your life. Making that decision can seem like waging a war on yourself. So when you go to war, for whatever the reason, remember Mars and his red sword of fire. May it cut the way you want it to gentle readers.

What have you gone to war over? Trying to quit a bad habit? Excise some malevolent figure from your life? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Poem – Dream, Dance, Sing

Dream, Dance, Sing

Dream this little dream
Of life in all its splendor
Once is all you get

Dance this crazy dance
Roll the dice and take your chance
You only get once

Since your single song
It’s your state to own this time
The whole of your life

Dream the dance you sing
Take the splendor on your state
Once is your whole life

Poem – Baseball Season is here…

Baseball Season Is Here…

Pass the peanuts
Baseball has begun
Keep swinging those bats
You can hit a home run

Excitement is in the air
Baseball season is here
Love all the ballpark fare
Don’t drop it when you cheer

Crack of the bat
Slap of the glove
Lower your hat
Sun glares from above

On the field it’s burning hot
Those in the stands are sweating too
But we have to see what our team’s got
Cheering them right on through

When the game does finally end
Whether in victory or defeat
Tomorrow we will do it all again
A new opponent to meet

Poem – Watching a Flag

Watching a Flag

The breeze blows on a symbol of pride
It’s stripes ripple and roll
The stars display that deep inside
Our hearts can beat as one
Nothing like the flag of our land
On a pole or in a child’s hand
Waving in a parade
Our forefathers sought freedom
But have we lost our way?
We kill each other with abandon
The hate seems here to stay
If only we could learn
Respect is a thing to earn
By giving it in return
Instead our cities burn
Results of a shattered heart
But this is where we have to start
To heal the broken
As it was spoken
By leaders of old
With hearts of gold
The flag still flaps in the breeze
Reminding us lying between the seas
We are a nation of and for all

Poem – Little Bird, Park Bench

Little Bird, Park Bench

Little bird park bench
Enjoying a warm spring day
I bid you Welcome

Glad to see you back
Glad to hear your song
What winter did lack
For spring we all long

Now it’s here to stay
Little bird hopping about
Keep the cold at bay

A song so pure and sweet
Wrapped in the warmer day
To me it is such a treat
Little bird, don’t fly away

Like time you are fleeting
So fill the air with your tweeting
Then off you go to some other place
Where other ears your song can grace

Poem – Life of a Writer

Life of a Writer

Penning works of fiction or prose
So the life of a writer goes
Seeking out the darkest truth
Leftover from our own youth
But what we seek we don’t always find
For there are many corners within the mind
A treasure trove of ideas to pursue
Like blades of grass covered in morning dew
Snatch them quick and pen your verse
Lest you fall prey to the common curse
Oh I’ll get to this
I’ll write that later too
You just might miss
The Muse that favors you
Once it’s down, your fervor exhausted
Sharing brings its own troubles
Critics can make you feel assaulted
Self Doubt growing until it doubles
Then there comes the sunny day
When someone comes along to say

“Your words touched my trouble heart
Expressing what I dared not start
Thank you for sharing what I could not
And easing the pain not quite forgot
For in your words I finally knew
I was no longer all alone
Before I thought there was nothing to do
But bear what I could not condone”

The greatest praise a writer could see
Is to hear from readers like you and me
So don’t be shy with critique or praise
By both a writer’s skill you can raise
Steady on Writer of fiction or prose
Or poetry if that’s how your talent shows
Though you may face some abuse
Trust in your personal Muse

Writing Prompt: Specific 8 words, 15 min, Less than 500 Words

So I joined a few new groups on Facebook for writers and one of them had a Monday Challenge Writing Prompt. You had 15 minutes to write something (short story/poem/whatever), less than 500 words. You were to use the following 8 words: pizza, summon, rigid, rose, evaluate, shallow, cap, beg.

I rose from my slumber
Rigid joints crack as I walk
What to eat, I ponder
I calmly evaluate my options
The shallow cupboard holds little
An idea strikes me in the head
I grab my phone elated
Using it to summon pizza on the double
Impatiently I await the delivery
I beg time to fly
The man arrives and doffs his cap
I pay him quickly and that is that
I eat it all in ten minutes flat

I look forward to more of these prompts. It was fun.