Meet The Author Monday – Claire Buss Returns

Happy Monday morning my Gentle Readers. Today we have a returning author, Claire Buss, here to talk about the last year and how her book, The Gaia Effect, is doing since she last joined us. As per the usual, my comments/questions will be in BLUE and Claire will be in GREEN.


Thank you for stopping back by, Claire. I’m excited to hear how this past year has been for you, so let’s dive in. How have things been going with “The Gaia Effect”?

Hi Andrew. Well – what a year it has been! The Gaia Effect has been received well by readers, it won the Raven Award for favourite sci-fi novel last year from Uncaged Book Reviews. I am currently working on the sequel, still in first draft at the moment but feeling good about it.

I released a collection of short stories, blog posts and plays in the summer called Tales from Suburbia.

I wrote two short stories that were accepted for two anthologies – ‘Patient Data’ in The Quantum Soul and ‘Underground Scratchings’ in Tales from the Underground.

Then I released a humorous fantasy novel called The Rose Thief in November which was a complete joy to write and readers seem to be enjoying it as well.

I have big plans for this year – another collection of short stories, the sequel to The Gaia Effect and two novellas from The Rose Thief world but I had a baby girl in December so we’ll see what happens.

I’ve been working on trying to establish an author platform and grow my presence on social media, all important things for an indie author – as you know.

That I do. What a busy year you have had. I’m glad to hear that things are working pretty well for you. Looks like you have big plans for the year. How do you find time to write with the newborn?
Haha. Not much time at all! I get little snatches here and there where I try to keep on top of my social media bits and bobs. I get a couple of hours in the evening to cram in everything else, I’m trying to edit at the moment but it’s proving difficult to get properly into it. I need my head in the right space to edit. Of course, that could just be the procrastination talking, that is something I am very good at.
My little girl is nearly 3 months old so we are beginning to get into a routine and with my little boy at school now, in theory, I should be able to get a bit more writing/editing done in the daytime. I hope so because I really don’t want to lose the momentum I had last year.
I can completely understand the routine part. My two year old still takes a lot of time away from my pursuits, but I try to get some time in when she’s napping or not up yet. I won’t keep you any longer as I know you are a very busy woman. Thank you again for stopping by.
Anyone who wants to check out what Claire has been up to can find links to her books here.


The Gaia Effect

Tales from Suburbia

The Quantum Soul

Tales from the Underground

The Rose Thief

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