Book Review – A Question of Power by Susi Wright

A Question of Power
Susi Wright
3 Stars

My Gentle Readers, today’s offering is a fantastical tale of magic, the battle between Good and Evil, and the Power of Love. Though this is Book 2 in her series, The Fire Chronicles, it is capable of standing alone with enough flashback that it won’t hamper your enjoyment of the work.

Susi Wright crafts a beautiful world full of unique people with a rich history. Her characters are deeply complex with unique quirks and personal trials.

The Alliance between humans and Gaians is struck and Lord Luminor of the Gaians sends a party of His people to find others of their kind and bring them to the safety of Baram. Xandor, leader of one such expedition, believes wholeheartedly in the quest put before him. Though he has some success early on, a dark threat looms in the east.

Lord Luminor is troubled by dark nightmares and feels his power, that of supreme control over Fire, being siphoned away. Knowing he has to face this threat before it destroys the newly brokered peace of the Alliance, he gathers his warriors and flies to meet this foe head on.

The world is fully developed with a deep mythos and multiple cultures interacting seamlessly. The downfall for me was a lot of repetition and wordiness. Multiple sentences with so many commas they were paragraphs all their own. There are times where a character thinks something, says it out loud, and then also  acts it out in some way. This spurs an equal trifecta of reactions from the other character. This gets much better as the book goes on but can bog you down in the early going.

If you like hand crafted fantasy worlds with depth and detail, “A Question of Power” can satisfy that desire. Be prepared for a slow start. Once you slog your way through that, you are in for a real treat.

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Susi Wright’s Website


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