Book Review – Captured by Catherine Stovall

The Blood Prophecy Book 1
Catherine Stovall
4 stars

Catherine paints us a very interesting twist on the age old vampire story. Jenda is a young woman who suffers a terrible loss. Her best friend, Soborgne, disappears, leaving behind blood and a mystery. Jenda is shattered, though the chilling words left in her friend’s blood lead her to feel that not is all as it appears. When Matteo, a centuries old vampire, comes looking for her, Jenda is scared to learn the truth of her friend’s disappearance.

This book is a little reminiscent of a big name in this genre, old vampire and high school girl, but Catherine’s take on the tale gives it some unique features. Her heroine, Jenda, is not completely helpless and more than willing to kick a little vampire behind on her own. Her bond with her friend Sobo transcends their trials. All in all this was a nice little diversion from reality. I enjoy a good vampire story.

The bad news is that there are quite a few minor errors that jerked me out of the great pace of the book. I found sentences with the words flipped around, or extra words that don’t quite make sense in the sentence. The story was great and flowed well other than that so I was willing to overlook the minor inconveniences in those sentences.

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