Book Review – First World by Jaymin Eve

First World
(A Walker Saga Book One)
Jaymin Eve
4 stars

Jaymin creates an interesting post-apocalyptic style New York City, complete with a Mad Max gang feel. Her main character, Abigail, reminds me of more than one teenage girl I went to high school with, aside from the combat training. Dialogue and attitude seems pretty spot on. The interactions between Abigail and her best friend Lucy are entertaining. I picked this one up as a freebie off a mailing list I was on and thought, why not. The concept of these Walkers Jaymin creates is intriguing. I wouldn’t say this book (and maybe the series) is necessarily marketed to my demographic but I would certainly have my teen children read this one. It was nice of the author to include two chapters of book 2 at the end of book 1. Almost makes me want to pick them up just to see what she does with the concept of “Walkers”.


First World (Walker Saga Book 1) on Amazon

Author Jaymin Eve’s Website



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