Book Review – Bright Horizons by Wilson Harp

Bright Horizons
Wilson Harp
3 Stars

First contact is made and the aliens have requested Earth to sign a treaty. In comes Colonel Kyle Martin, the “Butcher of Hyderabad”, to head up the Marine led diplomatic mission. Building his team of the best of the best of the best (intentional repetition there) is not going to be easy, since his ‘lucky charm’ is serving 50 years in Leavenworth.

Once Kyle has assembled his team he embarks on a space mission every astronaut dreams of, to meet the first alien race. The meeting with the Hedali does not go fully as planned and suddenly Earth is thrust into a galactic world that had previously deemed humans not worth invading and subjugating.

Twists, turns, and a lot of science fiction technology staples abound in this fast paced adventure story. The problem for me was plausibility in some of the scenes. I was no military child, but even a laymen knows some of the procedures and protocol seem off. Chalk it up to aliens but everyone is a little too perfect. Character growth seems minimal at best.

Wilson Harp’s Bright Horizons has a lot going for it my Gentle Readers. If you can put aside any preconceived thoughts on how the military worked, you can find things to enjoy in this book.

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