Book Review – Everblade by G.M. Browning

G.M. Browning
5 Stars

Everblade has everything a High Fantasy should have my Gentle Readers. Swords and sorcery, betrayal and love. Alek and his lifelong mentor Oskar must stop Alek’s brother Darren from unlocking the full power of the legendary Gateway of Realms.
Darren’s first attempt to control this ancient and powerful magic dumps his brother and Oskar in a realm thought to be myth. As the duo seeks a way to get home and stop Darren’s dark plot, they are swept up in the renewed war against an evil sorceress from the same myth of their home world.
To stop his brother and the evil sorceress, Alek must find a weapon of magical bane, the Everblade. This won’t be as easy as simply stepping into an armory or vault and collecting the powerful weapon. That just won’t do. Along the way there must be struggle and hardship.
Can Alek stop his brother before he enslaves countless worlds with his growing mastery of the Gateway of Realms? Pick up “Everblade” to find out. You won’t be disappointed.


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