Spell a Day – Feb 17th 2016

Today, Gentle Readers, is about our furry friends and the cold winter months. Being the species obvious connection to the occult, today is geared more towards feral felines. Cats for the unknowing. I want to use this moment to speak about all animals in our care and maybe ones that are not in our care at all. The winter months can be brutal for animals in the wild, or domesticated ones kept outside at times. Be a responsible pet owner and make sure that your pets have adequate protection from the elements. This could mean a dog house with a heat lamp in extreme cold, or just find a way to keep the animal inside.

My larger dog, a lab mutt animal named Moose (more fitting than his original name of Yoda), is an odd duck at times. We had a couple of negative double digit wind chills in a row. I was home these days so other than for them to go to the bathroom I was keeping both dogs inside. Don’t tell my wife I was worried about the dogs, I have a rep to protect that the Moose and I are not friends.

Anyway, I let him out to go to the bathroom because he’s dancing around the house like a kid holding in their pee. Now that he is a few years old I don’t worry too much about him running off, especially when it is cold outside. So I close the back screen door and go into the kitchen to make myself something to drink. A couple minutes later I go to the door, expecting him to be waiting to come inside. Nope. He is in the outside kennel, just standing there waiting for me to close the gate.

I am dumbfounded at this moment. It is very cold, the wind is whistling through the trees, and this numbskull wants to hang out in the kennel. I don’t even have my shoes on so I am not going out there to close the gate so I just leave him out there. I left him there and went back to catching up on one of my DVR’d shows for about an hour. I then went to the back door, he is still sitting in the kennel like it is 80 degrees out. I call him and he looks at me like I am the crazy one. Finally after a little coaxing he decides coming back inside is the best option.

Sometimes I am not sure if he is right in the head, but he is loyal. This is a picture of him and his older sister Jedi. Yes. Their names are Jedi and Yoda. This is what happens when you let your Star Wars obsessed son name the pets in the house. We at one time had a hamster named Vader as well. Yes, as in Darth Vader. It was even all black, hence where it got its name from. Vader kept using the Force to break out of his cage. One time, we didn’t find him. I prefer to call these two, Moose and Squirrel.
mooseandsquirrelI hope everyone has a safe rest of winter out there and don’t forget to keep an eye on your pets. Until next time Gentle Readers.


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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