Spell a Day – Feb 15th 2016

Today’s topic has to do with social standards and gender roles. Our contributor today says we should examine our beliefs regarding what is traditionally male and what is female, in all aspects of life. This could be clothing or predilections, or even societal norms.

I firmly believe that equality between the genders can exist, up to a certain point. Not to downplay females at all, but in general they are built slighter and with less muscle mass than the average male. There are exceptions on both ends of the spectrum and that’s where the water gets a bit muddy to make any sort of blanket statements. Someone who grew up seeing strong, dominant personality females would associate those traits with the female gender, finding a submissive female something of an abnormality. The inverse true with male stereotypes.

The contributor recommends attempting to dress as what we perceive to be the opposite of our chosen gender. I have nothing against cross dressing, but I am not sure I see the benefit. If you aren’t some sexist idiot you don’t have to cross dress to appreciate the differences between genders and know that, for the most part, there are no norms or stereotypes anymore. Women can be the breadwinner just as much as Men were in previous generations. I am neither threatened or pissed off about that. If I have a daughter I am going to encourage her to have whatever dreams she wants to have, regardless of it being a traditionally “male” job or role.

I guess in conclusion Gentle Readers, go forth and appreciate everyone, regardless of gender stereotypes or societal norms.


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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