Book Review – The Vampire Keeper by Sabrina Street


The Vampire Keeper
Sabrina Street
3 Stars

Sabrina Street’s debut novel has such potential. There is a story here that should be told, but it was a little difficult to sift through and find it. The Bad – lots of proofreading/typographical errors, the constant point of view shifts can be jarring and steal much from the story line by making the reader jump from head to head of the main characters. If it were two characters, clearly distinguished it might work better. When you hop sometimes two or three times in a couple pages, it makes it difficult to read.

This is not to say the story is without any merit. I think the concept of Larkin, a troubled and dispirited vampire is intriguing. The idea of a vampire having the special Keepers is gold. The lead female, Jezalyn, is sweet in her sheltered innocence trying to break free of an overbearing and vastly paranoid grandfather. The twist at the end will leave you wondering a few things.

I am not in the habit of revealing spoilers from the books I review, so I will not start here. I will say that I have some questions for the author that I am hoping to get answers to sometime in the future, perhaps in an interview, or in a book two.

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