Book Review – Awake in Hell by Helen Downing

Awake in Hell
Helen Downing
5 Stars

Helen creates a fantastical tale of Louise Patterson, a self proclaimed “party slut” who in her mid 40’s, dies of breast cancer. There is no white light or pearly gates in her future as she actually wakes up in Hell. Now, fired from her job as an internet help desk tech for being “helpful”, Louise has to find another job and quick. See, even in hell we cannot escape work.

When a small note on the coffee shop bulletin board proclaims “Second Chance Temp Agency”, Louise is intrigued. When a magically appearing phone starts ringing in her closet sized apartment the next morning, she has no idea the rollercoaster she is about to jump on.

Hilarity ensues as Louise tries to find her way in the temp jobs provided by Mr. Deedy at Second Chance Temp Agency. All along she learns more about herself and the holes in her memory get filled in with memories she had forgotten to take with her in death.

Come along for the ride and see just what Louise gets up to as she is “Awake in Hell”.

Awake in Hell on Amazon

Helen Downing Author Page


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