Dale C Musser
5 Stars

Before I start my review I want to give you Gentle Readers a little clue into this book. So here is the blurb from Amazon.

“Thibodaux James Renwalt, or Tibby as he was called by his friends was just your typical Earthman. Recently discharged from his service in the United Stated Navy and working as an engineer for the city of New Orleans, maintaining the pumps that kept the city dry. Tibby decides to spend some time at fishing hole in the swamp shown to him by his grandfather when he was a small boy, his trip turns out to be more than he expects when he discovers an ancient alien spaceship buried in the mud of the swamp. After entering the craft, Tibby accidentally engages an autopilot causing the ship to take off with him aboard navigating through space to its preset destination. What follows are adventures beyond Tibby’s wildest dreams as, the ship contains a cargo of the rarest and most valuable substance in the universe, Solbidyum. Tibby arrives in the Federation space and is greeted by a large Star Ship with thousands of people aboard. He soon discovers he is about to become the richest man in the universe, but not without considerable enemies trying to capture both him and the Solbidyum cargo. Tibby finds himself thrust into a role of hero and falls in love with a beautiful woman, but soon finds that some of his decisions result in the loss of thousands of lives. Thus begins the Solbidyum Wars Saga with Book 1 –Battle of the New Orleans.”

Disclaimer – There are some proofreading errors, but what book doesn’t have these? I have copies of books from big name authors with just as many or more errors than in this one. It doesn’t detract from the story in my opinion. I have seen a few reviewers dock this story for that.

Now for the good stuff. This saga starts off with a bang and steamrolls you right to the heartwrenching and climactic conclusion. Dale grabbed me by the eyes with this one and I couldn’t stop. I think I finished it in about a day and a half, and that was with running errands and dealing with mundane things like housework. Tibby is well developed and believable character. The cast of cohorts he encounters on the beginning of this saga just set up shop in your mind and heart. You feel the ups and downs of Tibby’s rollercoaster ride when he discovers he is now the most sought after personage in the Federation. The battle scenes, both on small and large scale, are well developed. There is love, lust, treachery, deceit and sacrifice. Everything a good space opera needs to be an enduring saga.

I am adding the rest of the saga to my To Be Read list, as well as my, “Here honey, you can buy me these for my birthday” wish list. Then when my wife says, “What do you want for your birthday?” I can just point her to this list. Check it out today and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Amazon Page for Battle of the New Orleans

Dale Musser’s Amazon Author Page


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