Spell a Day – Jan 25th 2016

Well, Gentle Readers, I am a little disappointed in today’s topic because it isn’t much different than yesterday’s. Apparently we are going to do things in pairs. However, today’s focus is on removing negativity using sound. I don’t know about all of you but I am addicted to my music, most of it from a previous decade, and some from before I was even born. Good music is timeless and has no age requirement to enjoy it.

My cell phone is packed with about 14 hours worth of music so that I can start it first thing in the morning and make it to work, through work, and all the way home without having to hear the same song twice. My coworkers have become accustomed to me strolling through the office with one ear bud looped in, the other hanging loose so I can grab the desk phone when needed.

Music is also a must when I am writing. I cannot count the number of times the right song has inspired something in me. It could be a difficult scene, or a poem. It helps to have my mind focused partially on the music, drowning out the distractions so I can focus on writing.

How has music helped and inspired you? Share in the comments and let’s get some discussion going. Until next time Gentle Readers.


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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