Spell a Day – Jan 23rd 2016


Anyone familiar with magick and spellcraft knows the emphasis and power placed on the cycles of the moon. The full moon being a very powerful time. Energy is supposed to be flowing in abundance on this night. If you are a werewolf then this is your night to shine as well. Just don’t try to eat anyone in my family. The really fat rabbit that lives in my yard, or the deer that travel through from time to time are fair game. I wish you luck in your hunting.

Tonight, bundle up (if you are in a cold climate like me) and go outside to enjoy the beauty and majesty that is the moon in all of her glory. I don’t think my view is going to be as spectacular as the picture above, but we do still have some snow on the ground to catch and reflect the moonlight. Bask in the light and feel its energy wrap itself in your soul, fueling you for whatever goals you have this next month. Me, I am hoping to finally start making headway on my writing projects. I have always been more of a nightowl growing up. This daywalker stuff is for the birds.

Until next time Gentle readers. and hey, look, I am caught up on my spell a day. Because of this I plan to start getting these posted in the morning and only doing one a day. Don’t worry, I hope to get some other content up for you all to enjoy soon.


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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