Spell a Day – Jan 21st 2016

So Gentle Readers, we are three weeks into the new year and it is time to take stock of our progress. How are things going on your front? For me, I am still holding steady at about 335lbs, so not much movement there. I blame the winter weather, it’s hard to go outside and be active this time of year. At least for me. I have managed to go through two more books and post their reviews. You can check them out in my archives. I picked up several free ebooks from a mailing list I joined so I think I am set for the next week. I haven’t managed to finish the revised and extended ending of my first novel yet. Hopefully by next week.

How are you doing on your new year’s resolution? Spend some time today reflecting on your progress, or lack thereof, and decide where you want to be in six months.


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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