Spell a Day – Jan 17th 2016

Snow Queens and Ice Magic. What am I supposed to do with this topic Spell a Day? You are really testing me this time. Perhaps a quick reference to Hans Christian Anderson is in order here? His tale of the Snow Queen should be enough to satisfy today’s post yes? No. That’s not good enough. We need something more.  I got it. A poetic rendition based on the Snow Queen.

Hope you enjoy this little poem.

Snow Queen
Come along and play
She called to the little boy
I am the Snow Queen

In my castle of ice
A game we shall play
A kiss to freeze
A kiss to forget
But death if kissed thrice
My magic will make you stay
Trapped by the snow bees
Who shall never let
You escape

Now be a good boy and spell out a word
Using the ice around my throne
It will be the longest ever heard
Or you will remain here alone

The ice is tricky
It knows what it shouldn’t spell
For Eternity




Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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