Spell a Day – Jan 13th 2016

Finally. A topic I can really sink my teeth into today. And one I will actually post the incantation they recommend because it is quite practical. What I am talking about has to do with communication. The spell today is from Emily Carlin over at Shadowkrafting.com and it pertains to requesting the aid of Zephyrs (elementals of air) to assist in making sure that your communication is clear, precise, and received by its intended target(s). Being an air sign I have always felt a certain kinship in the wind that blows. As a child I went outside to play during the time that a hurricane’s eye was over my neighborhood. I wasn’t the only one, there were other kids out there, but I still remember it fondly. I have always loved a good wind/rain storm.

Back to the topic at hand. So, when you need a little boost to your communication skills, Zephyrs would be a way to go for a little magickal help. You are going to want to have some incense on hand as an offering to thank them for their assistance. You don’t want things to backfire do you? Besides, it is always preferable to offer something in return when asking for help from the spirits or elementals. in the incantation, Where you find the Symbols #### you are supposed to insert the name of the person or persons you are tring to reach more clearly.

I call on the zephyrs of the air,
come and heed my words.

I must communicate with #### today.

#### must hear my words and understand my intent.

Help me to clear the air and be understood.

Help me to listen and comprehend accurately.

Help me to speak with eloquence and clarity.

As I do will, so mote it be.

I could probably use this on a daily basis but I might bankrupt myself buying incense for the zephyrs. I wonder if they have a favorite scent? Or does it vary from one to another like with people’s preferences in pizza toppings?

Either way, I am sure my wife would like it if communication improved. Since I have recently begun doing the grocery shopping, I have also started being the one that makes the list. Now I know the struggle of not hitting me with the notepad when she asks, “What do you want for dinner this week?” and I respond with, “The usual.” Perhaps the zephyrs heard her cries of frustration and have now orchestrated me to feel the mental torture she has endured for most of our marriage. It certainly gave me a new appreciation for such a simple seeming task that she took care of.

Use the powers of the Zephyr well gentle readers. Until next time.

Obligatory Legal disclaimer, I did not write nor do I claim ownership of the incantation above. It was found in Llewellyn’s 2016 Witches’ Spell-a-Day Almanac, copyright 2015 Llewellyn Worldwide LTD.


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