Spell a Day – Jan 8th 2016

My Spell A Day Almanac says that January 8th is a day to get fired up for success.


WHOOPS, I don’t think that’s what was meant. The New Year is getting well underway and I hope everyone is still keeping up with their resolutions. I know I am. I am still floundering my way through the revisions on my first novel. (Damn you Sudoku for being so additive.) I have managed to do a couple book reviews so I am getting somewhere with that. And if everyone looks at the date on this post, I am only 10 days behind on this Spell a Day feature. I am making such incredible headway. Oh, yeah, I am also still the same weight I started the month off at. I blame sweets and the cold weather for this. It is very hard to go outside and do anything fun when it is negative windchills. Just not something I want to do.

Chinese philosopher Laozi is quoted as saying, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Contrary to some belief, it was not his contemporary Confucius who said this. Have you taken your first step on your resolutions my gentle readers? I want to encourage you all to take hold of what it is you want this year and make it happen.

I have a poem to share with you about chasing your dreams.

Journey’s Beginning
Journeys great or small
Begin with a single step
Take your first today

Success means different things
To paupers as it does to Kings

Dream the crazy dream
Wild with imagination
Because it’s all yours

Don’t lose sight of your goals
Don’t fear obstacles in your way
Even when your fires is merely coals
A little fuel can burn as bright as day

Find our true passions
And chase them to fruition
Then hold them tightly


Hold onto your goals and dreams for this year gentle readers. Until next time.


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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