Book Review – Antholocaust by Justin Osborne


By Justin Osborne

5 stars

Justin put together a collection of the macabre and insane in this collection of short stories. From the opening poem, you know that this is a trek into the nightmares of a deeply creative mind. As you read through the stories you will see what a great storyteller Justin is. Some are cute and campy but with a horrific twist, others are downright thrillers to chill your blood. He tackles man versus himself, as well as Man versus beast. I am not going to go into much detail about the stories because that would spoil it for the rest of you gentle readers.  However, I will say this. I need a Muffinz. That’s with a ‘Z’ you know. For Street Cred.

The only downside for me and I had to bring this up is that there are several places throughout the stories where I think it could have benefited from one more read through. I found cases of word repetition in the same sentence, and a few cases where it was clear something was missing. They weren’t many, and I have seen big name author’s with just as many, if not more. For this reason, I still give it 5 stars, only because a 4.5 just doesn’t work on the rating pages.

Go out and pick up this great little e-book on Amazon a the link below.

Antholocaust by Justin Osborne


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