Spell a Day – Jan 6th 2016


Death comes for us all they say and Persephone, from Greek Mythology, knows that all too well. When Hades saw her beauty, he had to possess her all for his own. Her mother, distraught, plunged the planet into winter during the time that Persephone was in the underworld. Thankfully Persephone is able to return in the spring so that we can escape the winter of Demeter’s depression. Stories say Zeus gave his brother permission to kidnap Persephone. The story of Persephone is one of transition and change. Sometimes we must face our own “winter” in order to come into the light and warmth of new growth that is the next spring.

The focus of the day is to recognize the necessity for death in our lives. This may not be an actual death of a person/plant/animal, but the death of an ideal we held dear. Perhaps it is the death of a habit we know is no good for us. The point is, that once you recognize that death itself isn’t evil, but necessary to this existence we call life, then you can learn and grow with the experience. Without death, there is no rebirth, either of the planet or of our own spirit.

Gentle readers, accept when it is time for death to take something from your lives. I am certainly not saying to deny the grieving process. I am saying that in your grief, recognize the good left behind, and perhaps the good that is waiting in the wings when your “spring” finally comes back around.


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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