Happy Birthday J.R.R. Tolkien


Today would be the 124 birthday of the Father of High Fantasy, JRR Tolkien. That’s something Bilbo and Frodo would be proud to claim. I think about the first time I opened the pages of The Hobbit. I was spellbound. The words curled up in my head and stayed there, fostering a love of reading and adventure that led me on so many journeys over my life thus far.

When Hollywood decided to turn these wonderful works into movies, I was excited, and scared. To see the characters brought to life on the big screen was a dream come true. However, would it live up to the images in my mind? Would it disappoint like so many movie adaptations have? While not perfect, I would hope that Tolkien would be pleased with the finished product.

I have enjoyed watching the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies with my son. When he can sit still long enough to finally read the books in their entirety, I hope he is as captivated as I was with them. I cannot wait to share all the entirety of the journey with him.

I salute you J.R.R. Tolkien, may your words continue to inspire and enrich the lives of readers everywhere.

For those looking for a little more in-depth reading on this great author, I direct you to the following links.




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