Review – Skye’s Lure


Skye’s Lure
by Angel Leya
Rating 4 of 5 Stars

Angel Leya has done it again. She takes the classic tail (pun intended) of a mermaid and a land dweller and throws a little different spin on it. Skye is a mermaid curious about the legend of her people that she grew up hearing. As an adult she is the one reciting it to the next generation. Where the story always left her with a sense of place, now it leaves her empty.

When she rescues a land dweller who falls off of a party boat into the ocean, her life is changed forever. Being seen is a death sentence among her people, but Skye doesn’t care. She embarks on a journey of discovery, both of life on land, and of love. Along the way she faces the fear of harming her people, of betrayal, and finally all the joy that love can bring.

A short read well worth the time for this feel good story about overcoming your fears and your past. Check out Angel Leya’s “Skye’s Lure” today. Like me, I think you will be left fishing for more.

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