Book Review – Murder Run, By Shelly Frome


Murder Run
Shelly Frome


That’s right gentle readers, Shelly Frome’s book, Murder Run, garnered 5 stars from me. I am a fan of mobsters and mystery so this book hooked me from the beginning.

Jed Cooper is a simple man. He likes to work with his hands and doesn’t talk fast, or much at all. This makes his latest gig as personal handyman to a reclusive dancer vacationing in Connecticut ideal. Miss Julie has a secret though. One that could cost Jed his life. When Jed receives a mysterious late night phone call he rushes to Miss Julie’s side, only to be caught standing over her dead body by the local state trooper. Now Jed has two detectives and the trooper on his tail as he tries to piece together what happened to his beloved employer. His journey takes him back to his roots in New York, where run ins with people from his old neighborhood only make him wish for the country life all the more.

Sal Palmeri, a Capo past his prime, receives several odd missives which bring him panicking back to his old haunts. Two murders and a recent string of arrests by the Feds have everyone in the criminal underworld jumpy. Concern over exposure to his operations that could cost him his quiet retired life, Sal tries to take the reins back while struggling with short term memory problems.

What is the connection between these two and how will the death of Miss Julie change the lives of everyone who ever knew her? I guess you will have to pick up a copy of this book to find out.

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