Book Review – “At Water’s Edge” by S. McPherson

At Waters Edge

At Water’s Edge
Book 1: The Water Rushes
by S. McPherson
5 Stars

Have you ever had the joy of falling so completely into a vortex of another world that you lose all track of time? That is exactly what happened to me while reading this book. S. McPherson draws you into the ordinary life of Dezaray Storm. Dezaray is a young girl, not quite eighteen, suffering under the thumb of her drunken, abusive, older brother. The small lights of her world are not enough, until one night, she stumbles though a magical portal to the realm of Coldivor. In the company of her counterpart, Lexovia’s friends, Dezaray must blend in for the two weeks necessary for the portal to be reopened so they can swap back. Dezaray and Milo, a Coltis gifted with the ability to teleport, are destined for a forbidden love. As time passes, Dezaray doesn’t want to go home. Coldivor, however, is on the brink of war. Lexovia is their ultimate weapon, once she reaches maturity. The Coltis’ oppressors, the Vildacruz, would like nothing more to get their hands on Lexovia and/or Dezaray. The teens rush headlong into love, war, and desperation to stay alive and together. I won’t spoil the ending for you here, but prepare to be entertained along the way by the Coltis views our own society.

I will warn you gentle readers, that this book is written in British English, not American English. There are phrases and terms that may strike you as unfamiliar. Having read my share of the terminology I only stumbled once or twice. The author does a great job at times of interchanging the words in order to not confuse readers. I highly recommend this riff on star, or in this case, dimension crossed lovers.



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