Call of the Herald, Godsland Series by Brian Rathbone

Call of the Herald
Book 1 of Godsland Series
By Brian Rathbone

I give it 4 STARS

Took me some time to finally get to this one on my to be read list, but once I did I found myself stealing a minute whenever I could. Even if I only had time to read a page or two, I was taking it. I was sucked in from the first few pages right to the end.

Brian creates a believable fantasy world complete with religion and a rich history. The main focus of the story is a young girl named Catrin caught in the trap of prophecy. Catrin is a simple country girl with a lot of heart and common sense, beloved by her friends and despised by the more “aristocratic” members of her small town. When the bullies attack one of her friends, prophecy becomes reality. Catrin and her friends are sent on a harrowing expedition to find somewhere, anywhere that Catrin will be safe from those who seek the Herald of prophecy. Friends turn into foes and foes into friends. Who will answer the Call of the Herald?


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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