A Poo Flinging Monkey

I thought I would do a little update on this Fatherhood thing today in light of something quite hilarious that happened. For over a month now we have been giving our son an allowance for doing “chores”. Really things he should do anyway at 10, but it is an incentive and it teaches him how to save money for the things he wants, instead of having it handed to him. He brought home his book order yesterday from school and there is a Minecraft item in it that is almost 50 dollars. Honestly, I think within a few weeks he wouldn’t even bother with it. My wife the genius wins again with her idea. If he wants it, he will earn it. He has some allowance saved up. Today we were cleaning leaves and gutters on our garage and storage building.

Now, I am deathly scared of heights. Anything more than 3 feet off the ground and I am likely to break out in an anxiety attack. I managed to clean the garage, because I only had to go up two steps on the ladder to reach the gutters. I can handle that. Our son comes home from school and is quickly talked into climbing onto the roof of the storage building to clean that gutter. All for the low low price of 30 bucks.

As he mounts the ladder and makes his way up onto the roof, I am already feeling a panic attack creep in. I know he is an extremely responsible 10 year old. I am proud of him every day for the way he conducts himself. I just have this overwhelming fear now that he is about 12 feet in the air.

Then the fun begins. He scoots within an arm’s reach of the gutter, small shovel in hand to use as a scoop to get the gunk out of it. As he begins to clean sticks, leaves and everything else out of the gutter, he says, “It looks like poop.” And down comes a clump of decaying leaf material that had clogged up the gutter. Then it got more hilarious as he makes a game out of being a poo flinging monkey and tossing down the clumps like some irate primate in a zoo.

Barely 20 minutes and he is climbing back down the ladder as I steady it from below. I think I took my first decent breath once he was within reach of my arms should he have fallen. I love this poo flinging monkey.

Look out below…



Poem – A Life Mistaken

I try to not get too political (or discuss religion much for that matter), because it is usually such a volatile topic. I abhor the drama and nonsensical mudslinging that usually is centered around anything to do with government or politics. However, in my caffeine induced writing frenzy today. Something sparked in me regarding all the upheaval after recent police shooting deaths. First I want to say that I support equal rights in every sense of the word. I also support that if you attack an officer of the law, be it unarmed, with a knife, or a gun; then you deserve a bullet. Even if the arrest is for something you are innocent of, that is why we have a court system to assess your case. There is absolutely no reason to respond with violence towards a police officer. If the officer is in the wrong, then that will come to light during the investigation that occurs with any arrest, and especially after all police shootings (as I understand it). Any wrongdoing on the part of the officer will be punished as is allocated in our laws. Anarchy, rioting, burning and looting are the acts of uncivilized, unintelligent people. Do not stoop to that level as a way to seek justice in any disagreement. It merely paints a bad picture to the rest of the world of just who you are. All lives matter. There are always three sides to a story like these; the victim (who sadly cannot tell us directly sometimes), the officer’s, and the absolute truth. Never assume that news and media outlets are going to tell us anything except what will inflame your consciousness and get ratings. That is their job. Oh, once upon a time it was about information exchange and educating the public, now it is all about ratings and profit. That is for another Rant someday. Anyway, here is a poem to go along with this long-winded ramble.

A Life Mistaken

What do you say about a life mistaken?
Mother and Father left with their hearts aching
Fools rush in screaming injustice
Family and friends their loved one miss

Some cries of outrage are justified
In some pure malice does hide
Using tragedy to further their own ends
No empathy for the lost life’s friends

If only we could all stop and think
Before plunging head first off the brink
Cooler heads would be better served
To assure the wrong get what’s deserved

Riots do nothing but feed a fire
Helped along by those who desire
Division, Chaos, and Misdirection
In the wake of a life mistaken

Now, I just want to assure everyone reading this that I know the meaning of the word mistaken. But if you read it with an open mind, you just might catch my play on the word. Happy reading and keep fighting the fight folks.

Poem – Moving on…

Through bloodshot eyes
And heavy sighs
Struggle to fight
Against the light
Shining so bright
This day just might
End all the lies
And the failed tries

Nothing stays perfect forever
What was is no longer together
Time came and stole the joy
you once felt in your heart

The pieces of your heart you gather
Moving on to those who matter
No more a broken toy
A new life you can start

Water splashing face
Your heart starts to race
Staring into your own eyes
Granting the final good byes
To their failed attempts and lies
Moving on to bluer skies
Where there is no trace
The pain can’t keep pace

As you chase your dreams

Losing Interest

Great advice here as I am currently filling plot holes in my third part of a series, while part 2 is at my editors. What was supposed to be a trilogy is now looking like 4 or 5 parts.

William Lloyd (Author)

Anyone ever finish their first novel and knew you left it open for a sequel? Did you lose interest in the story after getting half way through the sequel?

I don’t know how many authors suffer from this dilemma, but I know that I do. I finished Horizon last May and published it. It was a great feat just to know that I finally finished a novel, but I wrote a book before that one. One that was never published due to lack of interest on my end. I stopped writing it because I felt it wasn’t ready yet.

I feel like that with Horizon. I’ve had readers ask me about a release date for the sequel Eversoul, but I have yet to even have the energy to want to go back to it. Yes, I’m writing The Temperament Scepter Series currently but that’s because I needed something fresh to…

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Don’t Doubt. Don’t Fear. Just Write.

So on Twitter yesterday I saw a call to give advice to a young/new writer in 6 words or less. Without a moment’s hesitation I knew the best advice I could give anyone, because it was something told to me once. “Don’t Doubt. Don’t Fear. Just Write.”

Don’t Doubt. Doubt is the enemy of action. The enemy of genius and most importantly, the enemy of creativity. Doubt pushes away the thoughts and clouds the processes necessary to do just about anything in life, be it writing, sports, or even interacting with other people in a social setting. I always doubted whether I was wasting my time writing or if I had any talent at all. I recently received very positive feedback on my work which crushed any doubt that I have a voice to share

Don’t Fear.  Fear can be crippling. Fear of rejection is something we have all had to face in our lives I am sure. I was so scared when I finally decided to share my writing with even my own family that I kept it to myself for years. After getting rejection letters from big publishing houses, I realized that the only thing holding me back was myself. I went ahead and self published my first novel and, other than having to market my work all by myself, I have been pleased. For me the goal was to hold a book in my own two hands with my name on it. I achieved that goal and achieving a life dream like that is a great antidote for fear.

Just Write.  Phrases, sentences, whole paragraphs. Whatever comes to you in the moment. Get it down on paper or in a document. I prefer a notebook for works of poetry but my story ideas generally end up being typed as I cannot write as fast as my mind works sometimes but I am a pretty fast typist. Whatever works for you, do it and don’t look back. Keep fighting the fight and I will see you on the literary side.

Dear Son, Be Better.

Beautiful words that say so much of what I hope for my son. Though it scares me to death that I will fail him sometimes.

Humanizing The Badge

My dearest son,

I am tasked with a very difficult job.  I am tasked with raising you into a man.  Not only am I tasked with raising you into a man, I’m tasked with raising you into a good man; a good man that contributes to society with characteristics like honor and integrity.  It’s not the kind of task in which I can half way commit.  I can’t walk away from it and return to it at a later date.  It’s an ongoing task that requires me to be consistent, diligent, and ever-present.

When I first held your tiny frame in my arms, the overwhelming sense of wanting to raise you well was implanted deep within my heart.  You looked up at me with your small, old man face and I instantly knew your success in this world deeply relied on my ability to teach you the difference between right…

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Seven Essential Rules For A Happy Life

Food for thought and something I think I should read each day like a morning mantra.

My Good Time Stories

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn via CC Flickr Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn via CC Flickr

I saw this list the other day of the seven things that will help a person to become a happier and healthier individual. While some of these rules may seem simple, in truth, they need consistent commitment and dedication each day. 

It is also interesting to review each rule and try to determine two things…how many of these seven attributes do you currently do well and how happy are you? Then think about people that you know and then, once again, compare them with the amount of kindness and happiness that they have in their lives.

I hope that these seven rules of having a happier life will have a lasting impact on your life and lead you to become a person that truly enjoys your life to its fullest everyday.


The Seven Rules

1) Make peace with your past…so it doesn’t…

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