Inability to Follow Directions…

For anyone in a position that they have to give directives (supervisors, managers, coordinators, or like me, a dispatcher); we rely on people to follow our instructions. If you tell someone, hey, this is all the work I have until after 9am, so start accordingly, you expect them to plan as such. Apparently that is too much to ask of some very entitled people. They just expect you to shortchange the other members of the team in order for them to do whatever they want. How have we ever allowed this type of behavior to continue? And, when said person who cannot follow simple instructions calls; They feel they have a right to be belligerent to the night dispatcher who is following the directions they were given. It is enough to raise a person’s blood pressure to an unhealthy level. Perhaps I should have just left them home instead of making an effort to put some money in their pocket? Sure, it may not be a gravy day full of awesome high paying loads, but I am sure it is better than a day spent holding down the couch. I doubt these entitled individuals ever thought about that.

I try to be fair an upfront with every single one of my drivers. I pride myself on not playing favorites even though there are drivers who will take the bad with the good and those who feel they should only get the good while everyone else suffers. Sadly it seems that my efforts are wasted on a few.

/end rant


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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