To Pubslush or not to Pubslush?

So, as I stare at my manuscript for the second book in my Family Heritage series, and think about the other projects I want to finish in the next year or two; I wonder just how much I will need to invest in editing and cover design. I went rather cheaply on my first book and used the free templates from Createspace. I had a friend with an English lit degree do some editing/proofreading. My brother in law drew a picture that I used for the cover, which I was actually really happy with as it captured the image I wanted my readers to get of the main character. I am thinking moving forward that I need to hire some professional services to make it more marketable. I have seen posts about people using Pubslush and Kickstarter to raise funds for these services.

I am curious if anyone has any advice/thoughts they could leave in the comments. Even links back to your blog post about your experiences with either type of service would be appreciated.


4 thoughts on “To Pubslush or not to Pubslush?

    • I would love to take my other series a more traditional route. After waiting so long to finally decide to publish my first book, I did not spend a lot of time shopping for a publisher or agent. When I get the other series up and running I will probably be looking for advice on a more traditional route. 🙂

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      • I am not educated in any part of publishing! I’m sorry. I haven’t reached that point yet with my writing. Whatever you’re first instinct is usually is the correct path. I’m sure you will succeed in any endeavour you choose. You’re a great writer & a good person. 😀


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