Dear Son, Be Better.

Beautiful words that say so much of what I hope for my son. Though it scares me to death that I will fail him sometimes.

Humanizing The Badge

My dearest son,

I am tasked with a very difficult job.  I am tasked with raising you into a man.  Not only am I tasked with raising you into a man, I’m tasked with raising you into a good man; a good man that contributes to society with characteristics like honor and integrity.  It’s not the kind of task in which I can half way commit.  I can’t walk away from it and return to it at a later date.  It’s an ongoing task that requires me to be consistent, diligent, and ever-present.

When I first held your tiny frame in my arms, the overwhelming sense of wanting to raise you well was implanted deep within my heart.  You looked up at me with your small, old man face and I instantly knew your success in this world deeply relied on my ability to teach you the difference between right…

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