Writing 201: Future, Sonnet, Chiasmus

The Future. Who hasn’t thought about what their future would be, or how they can improve it? Or just wonder if you will make it to the next day? This year was the year we were all supposed to be dressed like crazy Mad Maxians (Maybe I just coined a new phrase) because Marty and Doc showed us this.


Well, maybe we do have some crazy dress, and they got a few things right about our future here in 2015. We do have big flat screen TV’s, video conferencing, and fingerprint scanners (My IPhone lets me lock it with my thumbprint so that is cool, no more codes to memorize).

The prompt of Future for our Writing 201 made me think about this. I wonder, if they were to somehow make a Back to the Future 4 nowadays. What would Marty and Doc find in 2045 after their 30 year jaunt? (Aside from Doc most assuredly being dead, or some sort of super computer)

I took a little creative license with the Chiasmus part but I think my fellow Writing 201ers will figure it out. I also modified from Shakespeare’s rhyming scheme (ABAB CDCD EFG EFG).

A Future Dark and Bright

A future dark a future bright
What to do with the life you hold
Squander it with all your might
Capture dreams made of gold

A future bright a future dark
Many paths laid out for you to choose
Quickly now Life’s not just a lark
Choose a path before the choice you lose

Walk the talk before you talk the walk
Seize your life in your two hands
Fear not but enjoy the ride

Take your future or will you balk
Time only gives you so many sands
So march into your future with pride


One thought on “Writing 201: Future, Sonnet, Chiasmus

  1. i like the rhyme scheme this way ~ great flow to it. especially like the meaning of the first two verses ~ so many times it seems people make choices in life by not choosing, which is a choice in itself. great write!


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