Book Review: Map of Bones by Lauren Howell


So, public review time. “Map of Bones” by Lauren Howell is a map of adventure. I gave it 4 stars and I highly recommend this little gem to anyone who wants a fast paced quick read that will leave you waiting for more. here is my Amazon Review.

“Lauren weaves a tale in this short story that pulled me right in. I wanted to like her main character Sam right away. I won’t spill too much of the story but she has the guts of a Lara Croft or Indiana Jones without being completely arrogant. She comes across as a person who, only when pushed to the limit, really finds her strength. The twist at the end has me waiting anxiously for a continuation of Sam’s story.”

I saw check it out when you get a chance. you can find Lauren at the following locations.

Twitter @lm_howell


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